Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Steps to keep your pillow bacteria and allergy free

We may consider pillow just a piece of supporting your neck but it does a lot more than you can possibly think of. They are the actual ones to keep you in right posture while sleeping and decides a peaceful sleep. Most of us, even the most hygienic people usually do not pay much attention to pillows while cleaning their bedding. We often just think of changing the pillow cover with the entire sheet. Our main focus while cleaning the bedding lies in the bed sheet only however we should not forget how important it is to clean the bed pillows and how much impact this cleaning has on us and our overall health.
They are the actual ones to keep you in right posture while sleeping and decides a peaceful sleep.
Most of the times those dust mites which stays in our pillows are the main source of spreading infections and allergies. Since most of the people tend to spend minimum 8 hours on that pillow, it is nearly the most aggravating triggers in spreading infections like cold, cough and fever. Though it is practically not possible to keep your entire home germ free and completely disease proof but it’s not very tough to make an effort of cleaning you bedding specially your bed pillows and make them hygienic. You can try some of the very simple and effective ways to keep your pillows completely germ free and clean.
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry. Try using filter in your bedroom to keep it free from dust mites and germs. You must look out for HEPA filters to catch the smallest of dust mites in your room and on the bed pillows.
  •  Another great and a very easy way to look for hypoallergenic pillows. They are meant and designed to be cleaned regularly. These pillows are very easy to wash and do not break away with frequent washing. They are designed in a way to prohibit the frequent growth of dust mites and bacteria. There are various filling materials available in the market hence you can choose from polyester, latex foam or down alternative. They are easy for regular washing 
  •  In case you are unable to wash your pillows once a week or more, you must go for vacuum them daily. It doesn’t take more time and vacuum is an easy way to catch the smallest of germ and dust particles from bed pillows. There are HEPA vacuums available which has the ability to work on the air filtration system.
  • Another and most convenient way to keep your pillows germ free is to keep the pillow covers on them and keep changing them frequently. Try to look for zipped pillow covers which are more authentic in terms of hygiene. They are the gatekeepers in protecting your pillows from allergies and dust times.
Keeping a right check on your pillow cleaning can be the first step towards your entire health and safety. It will keep you away from allergies and provide you a comfortable and stress free sleep. Most of the people who have infections like asthma should take special care of their pillows and bedding cleanliness. 
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