Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mrs. Select Collection-Press Release



Product Names: Art Flower – 400, Threads/sq.”. Broken Strip - 400 Thread/sq.”. Old Monk - 400 Thread/sq.”. Moon Flower - 400 Thread/sq.”. Nakasi Leaf II - 400 threads/sq.” Leaf Stick II - 400 Thread/sq.”. Sparrow & Branches-300 Threads/sq.”

Long staple Egyptian cotton spun into superfine yam and woven on state of art looms to give a flawless fabric for ultimate comfort.

Collection - Mrs. Select Collection

We created our trademark ‘Mrs. Select tm’ collection after searching the world for the ultimate designer bed linen. Best of the artisans work day & night to make some exclusive limited editions designs, which then are transferred to best of the fabrics, stitched in an ultimate manner to give you a product that can be cherished forever.
Designer: Abhinav & Aditya

Material used 100% Virgin Egyptian cotton

Long staple Egyptian cotton spun into superfine yam and woven on state of art looms to give a flawless fabric for ultimate comfort. Our Bed &Bath Linen are properly pre shrunk, so that it doesn’t shrink after washes. All process given to our fabrics are Eco free & Eco Friendly as per international standards makes it suitable even for the delicate skin of babies.

Features: Our bed sheets & Pillow covers are of appropriate sizes to fit all types of mattresses. We offer perfectly stitched bed linen with double and durable stitching and precisely cut corner. If properly taken care of a By ADAB product will stay with you for a long time, providing up to date elegance and unmatched durability Store Available at all leading home furnishing stores across India.

Reference by India Today Home Magazine, March 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Effective and best deals on Bed Sheets

Find the most effective and best deals of luxury bed sheets online

The kind of bed sheets available in your bedroom and living area reflects your individual choice and taste.
Bed sheets are considered to be the most significant product of home furnishing which distinctively reflects the standard of typical lifestyle of the individuals. The current situation of the society is to a great extent focused on living a life of ultimate luxury as well as comfort. Thus, in order to bring ultimate luxury and comfort into your life, it is very much essential to concentrate on every single thing available in the house. To start with, people must focus on the ultimate collection of best bed sheets.
The kind of bed sheets available in your bedroom and living area reflects your individual choice and taste. An all-embracing collection of designer and luxurious bed sheets are available online at various leading designer stores to fulfill the specific requirement of people. The entire collection of luxury bed sheets online offer innumerable options of choices for the people to choose from, matching particularly with their choices.

Why prefer online?

People generally prefer to buy these amazing and extra ordinary luxury bed sheets online due to availability of huge variety, designs as well as color options. The leading online stores available for bed sheets and other home furnishing products have made it more convenient and affordable for people to purchase ultimate luxury as well as comfort by providing finest quality bedding products at highly cost effective prices.

Kind of material used

Most of the people generally end up with a doubt regarding the fabric of the product when they have to buy luxury bedding online. Moreover, the most appropriate and exceptional variety of fabric which is generally preferred by most of the leading online designers is the Egyptian made cotton which is highly durable, cost effective, reflects luxury and offers ultimate comfort to the users.

Choose from a wide range

The extensive and exclusive collection of luxury bedding available with the online stores vary in terms of distinctive variety of designs including hand crafted bed sheets, printed bed sheets, jacquard bed sheets, solid bed sheets and various others. They also own a distinguishing variety of colors including black, green, blue, yellow, maroon, white and many as such. Choose one of the most appropriate options of luxury bed sheets according to your convenience, lifestyle, budget and specific choices with the help of the leading online bedding stores at highly economical as well as inexpensive price range.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Range of Bath and Bed Linen Online

Explore the Innovative Range of Bath and Bed Linen Online

Various sizes in a number of dimensions can be chosen according to the measurement of your bed.
Today, is the time when you have lots of range in bed linen which comprise of bed sheets, cushion covers, Duvets covers, bed covers, pillow covers, etc. it was the time when only just a handful of bed linen were showed by the retailer and with no other options the buyer had to select the one.  An extensive range of Bed linen online in India in varied designs, colors and sizes can be purchased at reasonable rates. The popularity of various categories of both bed and bath linen increased with the evolution of technology and fashion experts. The designs that are dominating the market are prepared by textile designers. These are experts specialized in textile design.
In bed sheets online category, today you will find a wide range, depending on price, color, brand, materials, size and threads measurement which plays an important part in the buying process. There are two types of major categories in bed sheets namely flat bed sheet and fitted bed sheet. When you have selected the desired choice of bed sheet look for the colors that match your d├ęcor or ambience of your room such as Blue, Black, Brown, Green, Golden, Ivory, Grey, Light Beige, Maroon, Light Green, Navy Blue, Multi, Orange, Pink, Peach, Red, Purple, Sky Blu, Yellow, White, etc. These colors are rich in varied designs that some or the other matches buyers need and requirement. Usually there are two types of materials used namely Eucacel and Egyptian cotton. What type of material you need depends on your requirement of application of the bed sheet. It is recommended to choose the one that bets satisfies your need.
Various sizes in a number of dimensions can be chosen according to the measurement of your bed. Apart from bed sheet if you eye on cushion covers and pillow covers you will find an extensive range to explore at the online stores. The online stores are very much cost effective and optimum in buying and selling. They have reduced the burden of buying especially on working class people who don’t get time to shop at marketplace. Women and Working ladies can now sit back in their house and shop both bed and Bath linen online by placing an order at the store. After you have placed the order, within a couple of days depending on the services the store will dispatch the desired product and will be delivered at your doorstep.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bath towels and Bed Linen

Get designer bath towels online at affordable prices

Just imagine your bathroom when purchasing Bath linen online like towel.
Towel plays a vital part of our life. It is a need that every entity possesses. The application of towels can be different but the design and comfort for each application remains the equal. It is just not a portion of cloth which can be treated generally but is a fine blend of soft linen that soothes your body when rubbed slowly. Thanks to the textile industry that is manufacturing high quality towels to fulfill the need and demand of people. With the evolution of technology the production process and high tech machineries have changed the way of design towels. More comfortable and original designs are obtainable in the bazaar.
Just imagine your bathroom when purchasing Bath linen online like towel. Though one and all wants to have their bathroom clean and tidy but to make it look splendid and magnificent bath towels play a major part. A combination of wall color with the color of towel will certainly create an attractive image if purchased according to the design and color. You can explore wide range of colors such as Beige, Brow, Blue, Green, Ivory, Grey, Navy Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White and many more. Separately from primary colors various complementary and secondary colors can be seen these days just to give you a wide range of option in luxury bath towels category to select from.
Online stores are playing a major part in selling of luxury bed linen and bath linen. They are giving a wide range to explore according to your order and require. Top brands of bed and bath trimmings display every and all product in mixed colours, sizes and outlines to satisfy various need and order of its customers. The people who are benefited the most are the working class people and household ladies who can now shop bath and bed linen. The online shopping mart of comfort textile product do not depend on the place where you are all you need to do is sit back with your internet connected system or device, explore the range of towels, bed sheets, pillows and cushions and finally pay using your debit card, credit card or via internet banking mode. 

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