Monday, August 31, 2015

Purchasing the right Mattress

You may choose the best of furniture for your home but the mattress on your bed is the most important aspect of your room. A good sleep has a direct impact on your mood, daily routine and work performance. Any mattress which is not selected as per your requirements can bring disastrous changes in your life hence it is important to have the right kind of mattress in your room so that you wake up fresh and rested.
You must take size into the consideration while selecting the mattress.
How to select Right Mattress
Most of the times mattress which is as small as a twin or full (also known as a double) is enough for one person but two people want more space to evade getting restricted and uncomfortable. You must take size into the consideration while selecting the mattress. Ideal is to choose a king or queen mattress to have enough leg space and movement space for 2 people to sleep comfortably. There are California king mattresses available in the market which are larger than the king size mattress and more useful for slightly taller people. You need to have the knowledge of bed size as well for choosing the right mattress for you.
Although mattress has no quality to cure your illness but a right mattress has the ability to provide relief from many of the problems which you may have elated to your sleep patterns. Bad backs are assisted most with the help and support of a firm mattress. There is a variety of firm memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses accessible in the market. A good form memory foam is usually measured by its density. Pocketed coil spring mattresses also have good supportive qualities. You should always choose a mattress with bendable firmness for each side if the people sharing one bed has a different requirements in terms of firmness of a mattress.
Most of the synthetic fiber and filling mattress are good in case you have asthma and allergies. Avoid the use of cotton mattress which can instigate more allergies.
Some of the good mattress made of Memory foam, latex foam, and pillow-top mattresses are good for people with arthritis problems as it provides more cushioning effect.
Memory foam mattress are best for those who have trouble in sleeping early and staying awake for long in bed. Memory foam mattress avoids transfer movement hence they are good for people who are disturbed with movements on the bed.
There is a huge impact on your sleep with the use of different types of mattresses.
What’s inside the mattress?
There is a huge impact on your sleep with the use of different types of mattresses. A spring mattress is very cost effective and readily available mattress you'll find in the market. Mattress which are more firm and used as the best option for side sleepers are more commonly named as spring mattress. Memory foam mattresses follow the body and is able to provide backing to all pressure points, leaving you fully relaxed when you wake up. Gel memory foam has the equal care as regular memory foam, but the filled gel beads permit an increased air flow that helps in cooling down people who feels extra heat and sweat while sleeping. Latex foam mattresses are made of an eco-friendly material.
More information you have about the right mattress will help you in more ways than you may possibly think of. Starting from a good sleep to medical advantages, right mattress does it all for you.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to create an inviting Guest Room

It is always a special moment to design your home the way you like. You add lot of colours, accessories and furniture while designing your home but there is a space in your home which you are not really sure about how to design and yet want this to be as beautiful as possible. This dedicated space you love to show off is for your guests. You home may be a true presentation of your own style and class but guest room requires something which doesn’t require your personal taste. Since it’s a guest room, it has to match the comfort of your guests.
When you want to decorate and design your guest room, you can have some simple tricks and ways in mind which will create this space in perfect manner and reflect your style as well.

Add Quality Bed Linens

For most of the guests, the only comforting factor is the bedding hence it is very important for you to take care of what kind of linens you are adding on bed. Choose luxury bed sheets for a great feel and add microfiber quilts in winter months. It’s good to add sift and comfortable top sheets in summers for easy breathing and sweat control.
For most of the guests, the only comforting factor is the bedding hence

Setting up the right bedding

For guests, their comfort comes first and nothing can replace the comfort of a god night sleep. You may not want to spend too much on the new mattress hence keeping the old mattress intact but adding a memory foam topper may be a good idea to add more warmth and cosiness on the bed. They are not only luxurious but provide additional comfort too.

Add easy furniture.

Your guest may not want to be engaged in activities with you all day and require their personal space hence adding comfortable furniture is a great way to provide them peace. Try adding arm chair so that they can sit and relax over a cup of coffee or reading their favourite book.
Your guest may not want to be engaged in activities with you all day and require
Adding a soft light can also add charm and class in guest bedroom.

Soft lights

Adding a soft light can also add charm and class in guest bedroom. Some guests are in the habit of reading at night but may not want to have a flashy or a very vibrant light in the night hence a side lamp can do it all for them. Try adding lamps which can be placed on a side table with not very heavy lighting inside.

Luxury Washrooms

After a hectic travel day, your guests may not be looking forward for a dirty washroom hence providing a luxury 5 star washroom feel may elevate their comfort to a greater extent. Try having good fluffy rugs in the bathroom along with good quality bathing and hand linens. Washroom accessories would also do wonders in a great feel.

After a hectic travel day, your guests may not be looking forward

Add accessories

For a soothing effect, it’s always best to add fresh flower in the room. It not only provides a great feel nut also generates positive vibes. Your guest would love to be relaxing in a place created with full of love and care where each item has been selected keeping smallest detail in mind.
Always remember, designing your guest’s space can bring a lot of joy not for your guests but for yourself too. You would love to hear their enriching experience of staying in the room designed by you. It’s a heavenly feeling to be appreciated by someone whose comfort has been taken care at its best.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Setting up Bedding for winters

Most people based on their comfort and style believes in frequent changes, it not only gives them a refreshing feels but also keep them comfortable with the season. Every season has its own advantages and disadvantages and it’s very essential for everyone to know how seasonal bedding can affect their mood and health status in long run.
 Setting up winter bedding can change your mood completely for couple of reasons.
Winters season is full of colours and patterns. You can experiment with more colours in winters than in summers. Setting up winter bedding can change your mood completely for couple of reasons. Firstly there are number of colours which you can choose in winters which are bright and lively. Even if you choose extremely vibrant colours, it cannot go wrong because considering the weather vibrant colours give more warmth in winters.
Secondly , there are more patterns available for winter bedding because you can add quilts, bed spread and bed skirts to complete the bedding hence more options are available to give a new look to your bedding. But before you start adding so many colours to your bedding, it’s important for you to follow some basic steps of setting up a bed for winters.
Try to remove the entire bedding set including quilts, bed spreads, bed skirts, bed sheets

1-      Try to remove the entire bedding set including quilts, bed spreads, bed skirts, bed sheets and mattress. Make sure you pick everything before making a complete change to your bedding.

2-      Cleaning of every bed linen is very important before setting them up again. Get all the linens dry cleaner. Mattresses are tough to get dry cleaned hence you can use vacuum the mattress and fix them up on bed again.

3-      Whenever you are keeping your mattress back on the bed after cleaning make you change sides to keep the balance and support. In case of pillow top mattress, it’s a good idea to rotate it instead of changing the sides.

4-      As soon as you fit the mattresses back to the bed, change the mattress pads with the new ones for extra comfort and cosines for winters. Choose memory foam pads for more heat during the season. It also gives a stylish look to the entire bedding.

5-      After setting up the mattresses, add bed linens like bed sheets, bed spreads and pillows made with flannel as it add more warmth during winter season.  Pick up deep colours to get an authentic feeling of winters.

6-      Add more warmth by adding slightly heavy and feathery duvet covers and quilts as it will generate more heat and makes you ready cosy during the nights. 

Follow above steps for hygienic and comforting winter bedding. Choosing the right colours and patterns can create a new look to the entire bed room. To keep a check on hygiene, it’s important to follow the rigorous cleaning process especially if you have small children at home. Winters are the perfect time when you can fill you bed with your favourite bed sheets, cushions, duvets and other accessories. Unlike summers season you have the liberty to add bright and vibrant colours in your room. Use your money effectively by shopping online at By Adab for marvellous designs for bed sheets, bed covers, quilts and bed spreads.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Choose the best Bed Sheet

Choose the best Bed Sheet for each Season

Any small change in your home décor brings positive and appealing change in your personality too. Most of us spend a lot of time at home and try to innovate new things which can elevate our mood and feel. If you have a nice home and a beautiful décor, you always get a right feel and positive vibes. Keeping your eye on smallest of details in house can bring major changes in the way you lead your daily life. As we always say that your bed room is your personal space and should be given top priority while designing it. Everything in your bed room has a direct impact on your mood.

How can you make sure you are choosing a right bed sheet?
We have been discussing about the benefits of a good night sleep and importance of right kind of bedding in aggravating that perfect sleep you desire for but what according to you is the right bedding? How can you make sure you are choosing a right bed sheet? Though there are various ways of choosing the right bedding including your bed sheet but choosing your bedding options season wise leads to more comfort and better results.
  • Spring is the season when you are full of colours and need everything vibrant. You can start with luxury cotton sheets or Eucacel bed sheets. Most of the people choose these two options keeping the weather in mind. If it’s a cold spring you can have more of fleece sheets as cotton is best for hot months because of its breathable qualities. It soaks sweat more and gives you the comfort sleep.
  • You must go for bed sheets which are made of fibres which are natural. Never opt for synthetic fibres as they do not have the air flow and becomes very uncomfortable in hot sweaty months. Try choosing good quality cotton sheets. Sometimes you may want to try the variety of silk too but always pay attention that silk has the tendency to be warmer in sunny bed rooms hence trying silk bed sheets may not be a great idea.
  • No matter how cold you feel in your home during Fall, you would still want to choose high quality cotton and something which has fleece in it. Since cotton has a huge variety to cater your needs in every month and season, choosing high quality cotton may add warmth during the season too. It has an amazing quality of being balanced in every season.
  • Winter is the season when you get enough warmth for a good night sleep. During these months you always try something which can provide you extra warmth in your bed. Bed sheets with fleece and flannel are specially designed to insulate heat. The methodology of both the sheets are same, it’s just that they are made of a different fabric. Flannel sheets are made of cotton and cotton wool however fleece is more of a polyester and synthetic fibre. It is said that thicker sheets will provide you more warmth. You may choose these sheets basis your personal preference and requirement. Some people prefer high quality sheets but should be thin and vice versa for winter months.
Changing seasons also brings lot of changes in your body and your immune system. Bedding is something which should be done carefully keeping your health in mind.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why should you choose Quilt?

Why should you choose Quilt?

If you are personally not very fond of having a heavy blanket in your room and need something which is extra soft then choosing Quilt can solve those headaches. A classic quilt is an easy way to uplift your bed room’s look and give you a new style. Choosing a nice quilt can never be an outdated idea of styling your room along with maximum comfort. Starting from children’s quilt to traditional patch work quilts, all are evergreen and always work with your style and variety of décor.
Some of the well-known benefits of quilts may include extra warmth and comfort but in nutshell, the real benefits of having a good quilt are mentioned below.

Some of the well-known benefits of quilts may include extra warmth and comfort
1.       Quality Quilts remain with you for ages and never look outdated with any décor. Unlike other bedding options, quilts are all time classics and passed next generations. Quilts have the unique feature of always looking authentic in any style and pattern. It’s always considered warmer than a blanket.

2.        Since quilts are always a unique piece of gift, it is always considered a safe option in gifting because of the style and patterns. Quilts can be an alternative option to bed spreads and blankets. It has been considered as one of the top most option in baby gifts. Because of their quality, they can be treasured for a long time.

3.       Some of the common designs available in the market fulfil different need of customers. For e.g. having a patchwork quilt is considered as a warm option in winter months however an embroidered and light coloured quilts can be combined with chick pillows for a sleek look in the room. Quilts are well used in urban as well as rural areas due to its quality of keeping you extra warm hence they never go out of style and comfort.

4.       Mostly one quilt can be cherished for decades. Having a right quality quilt can be with you for ages and generations. They get better with every wash and give you more warmth over the period of time.

5.       Luxury Quilts are unique and priceless. You should not hesitate in spending for a good quality quilt as it will be with you for years. Just like your treasured items, quilt can be one more treasure in your box. Since they are available in variety of styles and patterns, they can complement your entire décor and showcase your personal style.
You must choose colours based on your choice and décor. If you are purchasing quilt for a kid’s room then adding vibrant colours is a good idea, however go for mild and soft colours for your own bedroom as it is naturally a warm product so having it in a bright colour may not be a good idea. Quilt can be a standalone option for entire bedding as they are puffy, warm and stylish. Since they are a timeless collection, you should spend good time, money and energy in making your purchase. If you want to get rid of a blanket and require a cosy and soft feel, you must go for quilt as an option in winters.
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Facts of Egyptian cotton sheets in sateen weave

It is always easy and helpful to buy something when you have basic facts available with you about a product or a service. It helps you narrow down your choice and that is applicable at the time of buying qualitybed linen too. Though there are number of options available in the market when you purchase a bed linen but know the reason and the quality of bed linen makes it easier for you to purchase the best.
Egyptian cotton is known to be one of the best in the world but sateen sheets are also full of sheen and quality. It is totally up to you to choose what is best for you based on your liking and budget.
Cotton sateen sheet have a high thread count and are pure cotton sheets.

Cotton Sateen Sheet facts

Cotton sateen sheet have a high thread count and are pure cotton sheets. It has a natural sheen and vibrancy to it. It is made from a high quality cotton thread which is drenched in lye and then inside the acid. It helps in strengthening the fibre ensures durability. It helps in a balanced colour dye and gives an even tone to the fabric.

Benefits of Sateen Weave

Because of its natural sheen and mercerizing process, sateen sheets are perfect for those who are suffering from any kind of allergy or infection. Because of perfect use of high quality thread count, it is easy to drape and looks good. It is a perfect breathable material and appropriate for any age group and class.
Egyptian cotton is extracted from a plant known as Gossypium barbadense

Egyptian Cotton Sheet facts

Egyptian cotton is extracted from a plant known as Gossypium barbadense which grows mostly in American regions. This plant has a unique quality of producing almost zero lint hence making it perfect for the use of linens and clothing. If Egyptian cotton is well taken care of, it can last for decades. No wonder why most Egyptian cotton linens are very high in price.

Benefits of Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton sheets due to its natural quality do not produce any lint hence making it ideal for those who are prone to allergies and dust infections including asthma. It has the superb quality of being cool in summers and warm in winter seasons. The fabric is extremely breathable and the fabric has a very high thread count making it perfect for luxury use. Mostly Egyptian cotton sheets and other linens are very high in price but if you start using this, you will realize its worth.

Choosing your best fit

 Although both Egyptian cotton and normal cotton bed sheets are wonderful in use but you have to narrow down your personal choice in terms of liking, budget and use. Though sateen sheets are very bright and have sheen to it but they are easily wrinkled and prone to crutch. On the other hand Egyptian cotton sheets are initially slightly stiff but become softer over the period of time. Decide what you want on the basis of your personal linking and medical requirement too. Both the materials are effective in use and give you extreme comfort.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Percale passion- A true Luxury

We have learned a lot about linen, polyester and other materials, but if you are looking to refurbish your bed with luxurybed linens then Percale is a worth try. It is a kind of broadcloth which is weaved tightly and gives a lot of sheen when ready.


Percale emerged from the Persian word “Pargala” which means a Rag. Initially Percale was exported from India to various countries. The unique method of weaving this fabric was recognized by lot of French textile industries and became very known and luxurious fabric across the globe. Most of the luxury and expensive bed linens these days are made of Percale.

It is a kind of broadcloth which is weaved tightly and gives a lot of sheen when ready. Methodology

This fabric is woven with a series of horizontal and vertical threads together. The idea of weaving this fabric in such way is to give the same even look at both sides. It is known that the more firmly you weave this fabric; it will give the better feel once ready. The minimum thread count which makes a sheet known as percale sheet is 180 threads in similar direction /sq inch. As they say higher thread count leads to better quality.

Although cotton is considered to be one of the most admired fabric while creating percale sheet

Although cotton is considered to be one of the most admired fabric while creating percale sheet as it has a unique breathable quality but because of dense threads it is likely to shrink more than other fabrics. Just to be on the safe side most of the industries use silk and polyester to create percale sheet.

Qualities/Price range

Percale bed linens are available in all the price ranges depending upon what kind of thread count you are using while creating them. Using Egyptian cotton makes these sheets even stronger and durable for a long time. They are mostly created with more than 600 thread count. This weaving is durable and highly elegant. Such sheets are very soft to touch and gets even softer with every wash. These are very generous to body and skin. If you purchase them in light colours, they can give you more luxurious feel and softness.


It’s recommended to wash percale sheet in Luke warm water with a soft and generous detergent as mentioned on the packing. Do not bleach this fibre as it may deteriorate the quality and sheen of the sheet. Wash them separately in machine or by hand. Always dry them in shade and avoid direct exposure to sun. You can iron these sheets for a greater look. Since they may shrink up to 2 percent, it is advised to get them dry cleaned for the first time.
It’s always your individual choice as to what kind of bed linen you want. But trying different variety to choose your best fit is a good idea. There are hundreds of fabrics available but always choose which is more breathable and comfortable for your sleep and health. Though the first purchase may cost you a little extra bucks but it is worth spending on  good quality linen for luxury, style and comfort. Look out for the best bed linens in the market.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Effective Uses of an Old bed Linen

Irrespective of the class we belong to, the quality if not wasting has been imbibed within us since childhood. As we start to grow up with time, we are accustoming with some of the basic rules followed at our home, one of them is Optimum utilization of product and resources. Hence there are effective ways to utilize a household product if you are not planning to discard it out of comfort, emotion and utility.
Though there are ample ways on how you can remodel lots of household products available at home which are not really fulfilling its original reason to use but some of the effective ways to use Bed linens are remarkable and worth trying for. At the end of this article you will be able to change your thought about getting rid of your old Bed linen.

Turning your old bed linen into curtain is one of the easiest ways to use the bed sheet.

 Transform them into curtain

Turning your old bed linen into curtain is one of the easiest ways to use the bed sheet. Sew the sheet from the top and bottom to convert it into a curtain. It is always easy to make a sheet into a curtain instead of buying a new one as most of the stitching part is already done for the bed sheet.

Making Pillows

If you are not planning to throw your old bed sheet because of the colour and coordination with your bed, turn the, into accent pillows. It’s very easy to create throw pillows by stitching the sheet from 3 corners. You can then insert the pillow and a new throw pillow is ready to use.

Create a sleep back

Those who are travelling frequently and want a home comfort can convert their old bed sheets into a sleep back. It can be a good alternative than using a hotel bedding which might not comfort you as much as you require. Just fold a flat bed sheet and stitch that from 3 sides leaving one side open to create a sleep back. This can be washed easily even while you are travelling. It’s very easy to carry in your luggage too.

Create Braided Rug

It’s very easy to make a braided rug from your bed linen. You can tear the bed sheet vertically and depending upon the thickness, you can keep 3 vertical stripes, one by one on the top and stitch it from corners. It is up to you to choose the shape. You can also try making a round rug based on your requirement and floor area. Adding cotton accessories may add more colour and beauty to the rug.
There could be more effective ways of creating small things out of an old luxury bed linen but try above ways for an easy and good look. It hardly takes an effort to keep your favourite sheet with you for a long time if you try various ways for multiple uses. Our idea is to share the most innovative ways and methods to use your linens in an effective manner. We understand the value of something which is really close to your heart and you emotional attachment with a particular product hence we offer ways to keep it with your over a long period of time.
Try above ways to change your bed linen into something useful and completely artistic.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Required fabrics for kid’s Bedding

A kid’s room should be a mixture of colours, comfort and soothing fabrics. Kid’s room is never completed if you do not add a right blend of these three combinations. His/her personality should reflect in the room and it is very essential to design it in a way that everything generates positive vibes. Colours play an important role in deciding the mood and energy levels of a kid however the main focus area should be the comfort, as the child is going to spend a lot of time in that area.
While designing the room, comfort only comes with good and high quality fabrics. Every linen and fabric used in a kid’s room should be a decent assortment of Cotton, organic fabric and Flannel. This not only provides comfort but also takes care of the rejuvenation and energy levels of the child.
Some of the high quality and comforting fabrics to choose for kid’s room includes:

Some of the high quality and comforting fabrics to choose for kid’s room includes

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton is one fabric that goes well in clothing as well as linens of every form. It has the superb quality of absorbing the spills and messes. The unique breathable quality of cotton makes it perfect for the kids who tend to get over heated and releases too much sweat. This is number one choice of linen companies who specializes in kid’s Bed and bath linens. All kinds of linens including bed spreads, bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains are available mostly in cotton. It is very soothing and comforting for children with soft and sensitive skin.

Organic Fabric

Organic fabrics are the next best option in kid’s linens. They safeguard kids who are prone to allergies and infections. Organic cotton is a mixture of bamboo hence they create soft and durable linens including duvets and blankets. The special quality of organic fabric is that they are made without any pesticides and chemicals hence are considered extremely safe for children.


A combination and mixture of different materials and fabrics adds style and more comfort in kid’s room. Try adding fluffy material and silk for duvets and bed sheets. This will create cosier environment especially in winters.


If adding cosiness and warmth in kid’s room is the idea of interior then you must add bedding which is made of Eucacel. Any bed sheet made of flannel is more soft and comfortable. They are not only comfortable but add more style and sheen to the entire bedding. Most of the children’s quilts and sheets at ‘by ADAB’ are made of Eucacel or 100% Egyptian Cotton.
You may have certain ideas related to interior for your girl and boy but do not forget to make the room kid’s friendly and bedding comfortable. This will create a lighter environment for your child and may add value to their overall growth and personality. Choose light colours which are soothing to eyes and creates positivity in the room Try adding good quality linens which can value add in the special growing years of your child. Always remember small things make a big difference. Give your attention to smallest of details while designing a perfect room.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pillow Power

No matter how designer your bed sheet is and you have best of the comforters and blankets, unless you have the perfect pillow filler, it’s impossible to have a good night sleep. Every person has a different requirement when it comes to overall style of bedding. It may sound very strange but choosing a pillow for each person based on their individual need is a big task. The only way of achieving this big task is to keep you aware of those requirements. Since there are number of sleeping patterns, hence the need of pillow is also different for everyone. We will describe the sleeping patterns and the right kind of pillow for every sleep.
Mrs. Support System pillows and gusted pillows are well suited for side sleepers

Back sleeping style

Those who have the pattern of sleeping on the back require a pillow which can support the back, head, shoulder and neck area. Back sleepers should always go for wedge pillows as these pillows are have the feature of supporting the natural curve of your spine. We recommend you to choose a pillow which is softer in the middle and slightly firm on the edges.

Side sleeping pattern

Mrs. Support System pillows and gusted pillows are well suited for side sleepers as they provide good support between neck and shoulder area. Centre section of Mrs. Support System pillows provides extra comfort to side sleepers.

On the stomach

Anyone who has the habit on sleeping on their stomach should avoid using hard and thick pillows. Mostly thin pillows will help you to keep your head and neck balanced without being too high. You should choose moderate firmness for sound sleep and rest.

Pain suffers

Therapeutic pillows are meant for those who are suffering from any kind of back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain. Such pillows have the natural tendency of healing and providing ease in the areas of pain. You should use memory gel and chambered pillows for instant pain reliefs. This also helps you in relaxing from constant headaches.

Anti- Allergy

Pillows are often selected based on your requirement hence anyone who is prone to allergies must choose a pillow with synthetic microfiber or memory gel to avoid allergies and mites. Such pillows have the ability to protect against dust and dust mites. Try choosing polyester or down alternative pillows. Try using special pillowcase for avoiding unnecessary and unwanted dust mites.


Those who are suffering from snoring problem should choose a pillow which can elevate you head and chin a little bit to keep it away from your chest. This will reduce snoring to a greater extent.
It is very essential to get a good night sleep but choosing right bedding is very tricky and important. Our aim is to help you find the right kind of bedding for your needs. Bedding is not just limited to comfortable mattresses and bed sheets but choosing right pillow filler also plays a vital role in your overall sleeping patterns. Everything is a combination of science and art in these days hence it’s essential to choose a right balance of creativity and health in your overall bedding style.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bath Linen care Guide

There is nothing like draping yourself in the best bath linen right after an amazing shower. It’s the time when you are truly relaxed and rejuvenated to start a perfect day. Bath linens are no more a luxury but a necessity. Having a good bath linen can act like a ritual for a relaxed start of your day.  Having a luxury set of bath linen is surely an investment. It requires a good amount of money to possess a quality and luxury bath linen hence it requires a special care too. If you would like to have a prolonged life of your bath linen then you must follow some basic washing and care rules. 

Although a good quality bath linen is less likely to bleed color


Although a good quality bath linen is less likely to bleed color but it is always good to be careful and sort your colored bath linen before taking them for washing. This will not only avoid color bleeding but also ensure the long age of your bath linen. Mostly the towels can be categorized into 3; white, colored and dark. You may separate the white colored totally and bleach them after washing so ensure their sheen and brightness, however the colored and dark should be washed separately.

Washing temperature

Although you always want to wash your linens in hot water but some linens are required to be washed at a set temperature .The idea if warm washing is to kill the germs and bacteria. Some of the high quality linens requires a cold rinse cycle to keep their brightness intact without compromising on fabric.

Detergents and softeners

Always try to pick up detergents which are chemical free and soft on quality linens. Good detergents are made of soft chemicals which do not break down the fabric and its sheen. Always try to add the detergent and softeners before adding the towel in the water to avoid buildup.


One you are done with washing your bath linens, remove them quickly from water to avoid the growth of bacteria and germs. Do not place them in too much sun light else they will shrink and reduce their life along with losing their brightness.
Taking good care of your bath linens is essential because they are frequently used and required to be extra hygienic. Their daily use also makes them a little dull so you must take good washing care of these bath linens. Along with normal bath linen care, it is also extra important to wash your kid’s linen separately because they are extra soft and have special washing instructions. It is also advised to wash baby’s bath linen by your hands because they are very soft in fabric and have gentle colors.
As we always say good linens are always an investment not because of their good look but also because they are meant to give you comfort and health. Do not think twice before buying an extra pair of bath linens because it is worth your money and health. Since you have spent so much money in purchasing luxury bath linen, it’s always good to care of them for prolonged life.
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Tips to purchase good duvet and quilt

Tips to purchase good duvet/ quilt

Any bed is incomplete without having a top sheet or a duvet filler to make it extra comfortable and cozy. Blanket is something which you do not buy very often and has a limited use because of the season. Like many other things, buying a blanket is also a task in its own. You just cannot choose a blanket which doesn’t fulfil your requirements. There are number of ways by which you can choose a good and comfortable duvet filler/ quilt for your bedroom.
There are thousands of duvets and quilts available in the market but sometimes you do not want to compromise on the style while choosing the comfort so you can start by choosing a Comforter, which usually add more style to your bed and can suffice as a blanket in its own. Some blankets are stylish and designer however some requires duvet covers to give it a complete look.

Some blankets are stylish and designer however some requires duvet covers to give it a complete look.

Down feather comforters are more than enough to keep you warm but can be seriously unhygienic as they are made from feathers which may carry infection from the bird. While choosing it’s recommended that you look for fill power which is important for measurement and density. If you have an extremely sensitive skin, you may choose to buy alternative comforters with microfiber filling which are equally warm and easy to wash, along with this it also gives you a warm feeling without being too harsh on body.
Quilts- Quilts are another way to give traditional and comforting look and feel in your bedroom. It is mostly thinner than comforter so you would be required to add couple of blankets with a quilt in extreme weather conditions.
Bedspread- People who do not like very heavy stuff on their bed in any season, then bedspreads are a perfect fit for you. They are easy to carry and very light in weight. They are perfect for warm weather and easy to wash as well.
You can add more warmth in the room by adding different kinds of duvets or quilts.
Electric Blankets- If you really feel cold during extreme winters then you may choose to have electric blankets which will give you an extremely cozy feel. Most of the electric blankets are designed with insulated wires and have digital controllers on the sides. They are easy to wash.
Cotton Blankets- Cotton blankets are not only meant for winters but are used in summers too while you keep your room cool with air condition all the time. There is a huge range of cotton blankets available online and in the market. The options of colors and style are endless.
Throw Blankets- You may choose to have throw blankets for your comfort as well as adding style to the room. Throw blankets always give you the authentic and ancient elegant feel.
Fleece throws- Such blankets are good for children’s room and are available in huge variety. They also do not cost much and add style along with comfort.
It’s your personal choice which blanket you wish to buy and keep for your winter season but we recommend you to choose something which works in all the seasons. Do not add very heavy quilt and blanket on your bed but make it comforting by adding options which doesn’t look too messy in the room.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Setting up an Anti-Allergen Bed

Changing frequent weather, pollution and global warming are enough reasons to for us to worry about. Although it is impossible to fight against nature but there are some measures we can take to protect ourselves from most common and dangerous infections.
It’s important to keep our surroundings hygienic to avoid infections and the easiest way is to start cleaning and taking care of your bed room first.
Some of the identified ways to keep a check on your bed room hygiene are mentioned below.

Some of the identified ways to keep a check on your bed room hygiene are mentioned below.

Common allergens awareness

Dust mites and tiny bugs are not easy to locate and are mostly invisible to our eyes but causes the major danger when it comes to bedroom allergies. All the bed room linens along with mattresses, pillowsand comforters are the easy way to hide for tiny bugs. You may find it hard to believe but a mattress can be a house for 10 million pests if not cleaned on regular basis. Their food for survival is the dead skin cells our body releases in daily basis. Hence it is vital for you to start taking measures to clean the linens, mattress and pillows on frequent basis.

Eradicate difficult space

Easiest and most common ways to avoid the allergies should start by reducing the number of linens in the bed room and make it more airy. It is also recommended to remove the carpet/rug to reduce the germs that causes allergies. Try using vacuum cleaner for rugs and mattresses.


It is recommended to wash your linens and blankets in water with 140 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure all the germs and dust mites are removed. Anything which cannot be cleaned in hot water can be washed in anti-allergy detergents. Try cleaning your linens at least twice a week specially your bed sheets.

Hypoallergenic Bedding

Bedding with a hypoallergenic material is a necessity for allergy victims. For numerous folks, down alternative bedding is one of the top most choice. Cushions, comforters, bedspreads, and pads filled with down alternate material will provide you enough coziness of down feathers without aggravating allergies.

Allergen Barricade Pore Dimensions:

Anybody who has a dust mite allergy should try the bedding with pores sized at 10 microns or less.
To avoid the allergies related to pet problems, you should opt for pores that are under 6 microns.

Clean Feather Bedding

Frequently cleaned down feathers are likely less dangerous and prone to allergies caused by dust mites and pets. Fabrics which are high in thread count are excellent barrier against most of the allergies because they are perfectly and very tightly woven.
Most of the Polyester-fibre globules are united with memory foam to make pillows and mattress pads which is a synthetic polyester that is anti-microbial and resilient to dust and dust mites.
These are the very crucial points to remember which are very effective in keeping you away from contaminations and allergies.
As they say “care is better than cure” so we are also taking a small step towards the health and safety tips when it comes to your hygiene.
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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Toddlers Room Interior Essentials

Toddler room interior is one fun activity. There will be a difference between how a professional interior decorator and a mother would design a toddler’s room. Well you may have different views and ideas, but we will share some of the basic interior style and ideas which are essential for kid’s room interiors.

we will share some of the basic interior style and ideas which are essential for kid’s room interiors.
1. Free Space- It’s very necessary to have minimal furniture in kid’s room. You must have good shelves to keep the toys inside. The entire room should be kid’s friendly and should not have edges in any furniture item.

2. Color Palate- You should not be rough and create everything sea blue or sovereign pink, but try having a couple of main balancing colors which can suit and bring a room together. You can have an accent wall in a loud color or you may have a wallpaper or a packaged painting set to cover the wall by giving it a theme. Try picking up colors which are mild and good patterns not very loud ones. Some cool color blends for toddler dorms which may include fuchsia and red, aqua and light pink.

3. Furniture selection- you must add furniture which can grow old with your toddler. We mean by adding utility items which are not required to be changed with growing age. For example adding a wardrobe which is not too flashy and have cartoons on it may last longer and match the age of your child. Another way is to add chairs and tables which are decent sized and can be used for study purpose too. Having a multi-purpose almirah for storing toys and clothes will also match with the décor. You can also add shelves to keep fragile toys and slightly beyond the child’s reach.

4. Toys- You should have a combination of stuff toys and wooden toys to give a rusty look to the room. Especially for a boy’s room interior. Line up the combination of hard board books and story books for night time. You can also keep cups and stands to keep pencils and other stationary items.

5. Add Accessories- The most important is to add the comfort by adding a stylish yet comfortable bedding for the child. Try adding good comforters, foam mattress and cotton bed linens in toddler’s room for extra comfort. Adding a colorful printed sheet will add to the beauty. Choose red, blue and slightly dark colors for bed linens and soothing light color for top sheets and blankets to balance the color combination.

It is very important to keep the toddler room safe by removing edges and corners in any area. Even if you are choosing a table and chair set, try having round edges to make the child extra safe from injuries. Do not add any uncomfortable, unbreathable fabric for bedding and allow easy air. Try not to put too dark curtains and let loose on the kid’s room interiors.

By Adab caters to all the requirements when it comes to kid’s bedding and accessories. You should have a set for your child to see how happy he would feel while having the extraordinary comforting linens.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Benefits of Green and eco-friendly home

What do you think about how the home can be Green and Eco friendly? Here are some of the ways by which you can certainly know how to convert you existing home into a property which is green and Eco friendly by doing some minor changes in interiors. No matter whether someone wants to turn the current house in Eco friendly and green features or someone wants to purchase a house with same features. If someone just wants to adopt the easy Eco friendly features to make the house as per new style then we have the perfect solution for you.

Although there are lots of ways to turn your house green but as of now let’s understand as to how an Eco friendly and green home looks like. There should be enough light, it should be joyful no matter how green you want to make it. The very important part is that it should be airy and have enough ventilation. More ventilation helps in reducing more consumption of ACs and other electronic items.
Turning or buying a house with these green Eco friendly effect not only boost your lifestyle and health but also the finances.
Add more of cotton materials in your home. Any linen which is used in rooms as well as in bathrooms

The paint used in green homes is zero VOC paint. However the smell we love which comes from the newly painted house is v dangerous. There are various ways of making our choices green like solar panel natural daylight and low voltage light in the evening time. Making a house green is very imp like facing the house toward the sunlight in winters Vis a Vis cool wave in summers. You can also try landscaping the house. All in all you should look for materials which are nontoxic and not harmful for children.
While landscaping you can have ground fitted pipe for water instead of sprinkling water through pipes. Trying English grass gives a very beautiful look. Arrange for butterflies in the garden that will add to the beauty.

Add more of cotton materials in your home. Any linen which is used in rooms as well as in bathrooms should be made of cotton. There are more of organic sheets and bath linens available in the market which can add beauty and health in less budget.
All the homes are not built with these beautiful features. The idea is to make a home which is healthy for us as well as nature. Eco friendly homes are not just healthier but with the use of organic products, the living cost also becomes little cheaper and add some bucks to your pocket. The houses which are built with toxic material are no good for kids. Hence it is advisable that you should build houses with Eco friendly and green features. Which will also enlighten you mood all the time. So the choice is yours. Make good use of the opportunity available these days.

By Adab offers you a huge range of good cotton linens which are 100% eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. Our little effort using organic goods and eco-friendly material can restore our environment. 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Interesting facts about Duvet Covers

Having a duvet and not covering it is not a good idea. Duvet covers are necessary for duvets. If you are thinking of new bedding, make sure you use duvets covered with amazing designs. Duvets are one of the most popular options when it comes to designing you bed. You must gain good knowledge before you make any purchase of duvet covers. Although you may have a particular design or style in your mind, but we are here to give you the facts about duvet covers.

Duvet cover use

If you are thinking of duvets more like a blanket kind of pillows, yes they're basically the filling to your bed consoler. Which means they also require covers just like pillows for a complete look. That’s why the need of duvet cover arises while styling your bed. It is essential to find a correct duvet but it is equally important to have a right duvet covers.

Benefits of Duvet covers

Duvets covers are mostly used for styling your bed. You may have 2-3 duvet covers for duvet and keep changing them frequently may add a new look every time which is also cost effective. They are easy in storage and may just take space which is as less as storing a single comforter.  Duvet covers are easy to wash at home and save time and money in comparison to getting it dry-cleaned.
By Adab offers you a huge range of duvet covers in any style, design and color that you may desire for.

By Adab offers you a huge range of duvet covers in any style, design and color that you may desire for.
Our collection of Mrs. Thar, Mrs. Whitica, Mrs. A plus and Mrs. Cherry berry offers you a world class quality of duvet covers which are available in all sizes. Designs and colors. 
Mrs. Thar duvet covers and quilts are made with help of 6" x 6" blocks, printed with perfection so no joints are visible.
Mrs. Whitica has a Virginal purity of white magnified to stratospheric height in this range of exclusive white’s superfine cotton.
Mrs A plus brings colors to life & life to colors. It is made of 100% grade A Egyptian cotton
Mrs. Cherry Berry is a collection of plain dyed duvet covers, quilts in 150 GSM to 350 GSM. Available in various exotic designs and shades from white to black
Just like pillows most of the duvet covers we have are easily washable. Our duvet covers normally come with buttons, and ties for easy exclusion and scrubbing. Before washing your duvet cover please ensure that you check the washing instructions mentioned on the label.
By Adab manufactures Duvet covers which are fit for all sizes of beds available in the market.  Starting from twin beds to king duvets covers and all, you can find luxury duvet covers for any dimensions bed you pursue to outfit.
We not only have wide range of colors and style in duvet covers but also have good and excellent fabrics available. Starting from Egyptian cotton to high quality thread count, all the varieties are available based on your taste and style.

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