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Facts of Egyptian cotton sheets in sateen weave

It is always easy and helpful to buy something when you have basic facts available with you about a product or a service. It helps you narrow down your choice and that is applicable at the time of buying qualitybed linen too. Though there are number of options available in the market when you purchase a bed linen but know the reason and the quality of bed linen makes it easier for you to purchase the best.
Egyptian cotton is known to be one of the best in the world but sateen sheets are also full of sheen and quality. It is totally up to you to choose what is best for you based on your liking and budget.
Cotton sateen sheet have a high thread count and are pure cotton sheets.

Cotton Sateen Sheet facts

Cotton sateen sheet have a high thread count and are pure cotton sheets. It has a natural sheen and vibrancy to it. It is made from a high quality cotton thread which is drenched in lye and then inside the acid. It helps in strengthening the fibre ensures durability. It helps in a balanced colour dye and gives an even tone to the fabric.

Benefits of Sateen Weave

Because of its natural sheen and mercerizing process, sateen sheets are perfect for those who are suffering from any kind of allergy or infection. Because of perfect use of high quality thread count, it is easy to drape and looks good. It is a perfect breathable material and appropriate for any age group and class.
Egyptian cotton is extracted from a plant known as Gossypium barbadense

Egyptian Cotton Sheet facts

Egyptian cotton is extracted from a plant known as Gossypium barbadense which grows mostly in American regions. This plant has a unique quality of producing almost zero lint hence making it perfect for the use of linens and clothing. If Egyptian cotton is well taken care of, it can last for decades. No wonder why most Egyptian cotton linens are very high in price.

Benefits of Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton sheets due to its natural quality do not produce any lint hence making it ideal for those who are prone to allergies and dust infections including asthma. It has the superb quality of being cool in summers and warm in winter seasons. The fabric is extremely breathable and the fabric has a very high thread count making it perfect for luxury use. Mostly Egyptian cotton sheets and other linens are very high in price but if you start using this, you will realize its worth.

Choosing your best fit

 Although both Egyptian cotton and normal cotton bed sheets are wonderful in use but you have to narrow down your personal choice in terms of liking, budget and use. Though sateen sheets are very bright and have sheen to it but they are easily wrinkled and prone to crutch. On the other hand Egyptian cotton sheets are initially slightly stiff but become softer over the period of time. Decide what you want on the basis of your personal linking and medical requirement too. Both the materials are effective in use and give you extreme comfort.

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