Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pillow Power

No matter how designer your bed sheet is and you have best of the comforters and blankets, unless you have the perfect pillow filler, it’s impossible to have a good night sleep. Every person has a different requirement when it comes to overall style of bedding. It may sound very strange but choosing a pillow for each person based on their individual need is a big task. The only way of achieving this big task is to keep you aware of those requirements. Since there are number of sleeping patterns, hence the need of pillow is also different for everyone. We will describe the sleeping patterns and the right kind of pillow for every sleep.
Mrs. Support System pillows and gusted pillows are well suited for side sleepers

Back sleeping style

Those who have the pattern of sleeping on the back require a pillow which can support the back, head, shoulder and neck area. Back sleepers should always go for wedge pillows as these pillows are have the feature of supporting the natural curve of your spine. We recommend you to choose a pillow which is softer in the middle and slightly firm on the edges.

Side sleeping pattern

Mrs. Support System pillows and gusted pillows are well suited for side sleepers as they provide good support between neck and shoulder area. Centre section of Mrs. Support System pillows provides extra comfort to side sleepers.

On the stomach

Anyone who has the habit on sleeping on their stomach should avoid using hard and thick pillows. Mostly thin pillows will help you to keep your head and neck balanced without being too high. You should choose moderate firmness for sound sleep and rest.

Pain suffers

Therapeutic pillows are meant for those who are suffering from any kind of back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain. Such pillows have the natural tendency of healing and providing ease in the areas of pain. You should use memory gel and chambered pillows for instant pain reliefs. This also helps you in relaxing from constant headaches.

Anti- Allergy

Pillows are often selected based on your requirement hence anyone who is prone to allergies must choose a pillow with synthetic microfiber or memory gel to avoid allergies and mites. Such pillows have the ability to protect against dust and dust mites. Try choosing polyester or down alternative pillows. Try using special pillowcase for avoiding unnecessary and unwanted dust mites.


Those who are suffering from snoring problem should choose a pillow which can elevate you head and chin a little bit to keep it away from your chest. This will reduce snoring to a greater extent.
It is very essential to get a good night sleep but choosing right bedding is very tricky and important. Our aim is to help you find the right kind of bedding for your needs. Bedding is not just limited to comfortable mattresses and bed sheets but choosing right pillow filler also plays a vital role in your overall sleeping patterns. Everything is a combination of science and art in these days hence it’s essential to choose a right balance of creativity and health in your overall bedding style.

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