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Required fabrics for kid’s Bedding

A kid’s room should be a mixture of colours, comfort and soothing fabrics. Kid’s room is never completed if you do not add a right blend of these three combinations. His/her personality should reflect in the room and it is very essential to design it in a way that everything generates positive vibes. Colours play an important role in deciding the mood and energy levels of a kid however the main focus area should be the comfort, as the child is going to spend a lot of time in that area.
While designing the room, comfort only comes with good and high quality fabrics. Every linen and fabric used in a kid’s room should be a decent assortment of Cotton, organic fabric and Flannel. This not only provides comfort but also takes care of the rejuvenation and energy levels of the child.
Some of the high quality and comforting fabrics to choose for kid’s room includes:

Some of the high quality and comforting fabrics to choose for kid’s room includes

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton is one fabric that goes well in clothing as well as linens of every form. It has the superb quality of absorbing the spills and messes. The unique breathable quality of cotton makes it perfect for the kids who tend to get over heated and releases too much sweat. This is number one choice of linen companies who specializes in kid’s Bed and bath linens. All kinds of linens including bed spreads, bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains are available mostly in cotton. It is very soothing and comforting for children with soft and sensitive skin.

Organic Fabric

Organic fabrics are the next best option in kid’s linens. They safeguard kids who are prone to allergies and infections. Organic cotton is a mixture of bamboo hence they create soft and durable linens including duvets and blankets. The special quality of organic fabric is that they are made without any pesticides and chemicals hence are considered extremely safe for children.


A combination and mixture of different materials and fabrics adds style and more comfort in kid’s room. Try adding fluffy material and silk for duvets and bed sheets. This will create cosier environment especially in winters.


If adding cosiness and warmth in kid’s room is the idea of interior then you must add bedding which is made of Eucacel. Any bed sheet made of flannel is more soft and comfortable. They are not only comfortable but add more style and sheen to the entire bedding. Most of the children’s quilts and sheets at ‘by ADAB’ are made of Eucacel or 100% Egyptian Cotton.
You may have certain ideas related to interior for your girl and boy but do not forget to make the room kid’s friendly and bedding comfortable. This will create a lighter environment for your child and may add value to their overall growth and personality. Choose light colours which are soothing to eyes and creates positivity in the room Try adding good quality linens which can value add in the special growing years of your child. Always remember small things make a big difference. Give your attention to smallest of details while designing a perfect room.

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