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Preparing Bed for summer

Preparing your bed for summers is a key to have a calm and beautiful décor in hot summers. More than beauty, a cool bed will enable your body temperature to be controlled throughout the night. Starting from what is on the bed and beneath the bed makes an important difference in your overall comfort and style. Though more people focus on style while preparing their bed but apart from styling, comfort is one factor which cannot be ignored.
We will share some key points with you which will help you choose a summer bedding of your style without compromising on the comfort especially during summer season.
We will share some key points with you which will help you choose a summer bedding of your style without compromising on the comfort especially during summer season.

Material Choice

New innovations and changing technology has become an integral part of bed and bath linen industry as well. There are various new products and fabrics available in the market. One of the upcoming and latest technologies is the new eco-friendly and breathable Eucacel. Any sheet or mattress made of Eucacel enables you to have a soothing and comfortable sleep during the high temperature months. One must use breathable fabrics like linen, cotton and bamboo in summers for a cooling effect.

Color Option

Any light color or white always gives you a comforting and soothing effect to beat the heat. Apart from this light color fabrics easily match with any kind of décor. You can use light colors with slight work on the edges for a bed linen along with using pastel colors for pillow shams and throw pillows. For lighter effect in room or at home, it’s best to use soothing and pastel colors.
Gel Memory Foam
Gel memory foam by nature has a soothing effect hence while sleeping if you feel hot in summers, then adding a gel memory foam is the best idea for a cooling result. It will not only give you the comfort but also rejuvenate the mattress as well.


During summers, there is a lot which you can do in your room in terms of styling. More use of pillow shams can give a unique look so try adding a little extra. Try and choose the color themes which can go well with summers like floral, pastel and vibrant at the same time.  Keep minimal bedding during hot seasons to avoid sweat and heat.

Shop Off season

It’s always a good idea to shop online or from the market during off season as there are number of bargains available. For summers, you can shop during winters when there are enough discounts in the markets and on e-com sites.

Add Lightweight duvet

Considering weather, it’s always good to have light weight duvets in summers. You can have lightweight down comforters instead of duvets during the hot season. If you want to use duvet, then covering it with a light weight and soft colored cotton bed linen is a better option.
Try all these ways for extra cooling effect in summers. Such changes are a good mix of fashion and comfort. Always make sure to keep changing the bedding style basis your comfort and interiors, it not only gives you a fresh look all the time but also elate your mood and provide you the true sense of the season.
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