Friday, July 31, 2015

Choosing a right Towel

Starting from a soothing and clean bath towel to a nice decorative hand towel, bath linen holds an important place in your life and day to day routine more than what you can think of. Because bath linens influence your complete bath décor, it’s essential that your search for nice bath accessory must begin from choosing the bath linen. You may have 2-3 bathrooms in your home but not all of them require same décor. We are here to tell you the simple steps of choosing the right kind of bath linen for each and every bathroom of your home.
Cotton- Good quality cotton towels are readily available at convenient prices

Type of Towels


Cotton- Good quality cotton towels are readily available at convenient prices which will fit into your budget. They will surely suit well with every bathroom in your home as it’s a safe purchase.

Virgin cotton

Virgin cotton towels are high in quality and very luxurious and have higher no of threads. They are more durable and last really long and extra comfortable to give you adequate warmth. You can choose to have one or two pieces of good virgin cotton towels in you master bathroom for a luxury and rich feel.

Eucacel Towels

Eucacel towels are quite eco-friendly and antibacterial, also consisting vitamins which are very good for skin hence you may consider it as a potential option for your bathrooms.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton has a natural sheen just like Egyptian cotton. It is also very durable and high in quality. These towels are extra comfortable and highly absorbent.

Towel Utilities

Bath Towel

Most of the times, standard bath towel is used for drying hands and body along with wrapping your hair and drying children after a regular bath.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are slightly bigger in size and give you the super luxurious feel when you wrap yourself after a soothing and long shower. They are oversized towels mostly used for people who are tall and bigger in built.

Hand Towel

Hand towels are not only used for drying your hands and face but also used as an accessory to decorate your bathroom. It can be used as the most effective way of decorating your bathroom in fewer budgets.

Face Towel

You may use these towels as another accessory like wrapping them and keeping them in a small basket for a cute look. Its gives an extra elegance while completing the look of your bathroom.

Towel buying guide

Purchase in Sets

Buying a towel set helps you get rid of the color matching scheme. Towel sets helps coordinate and save time and money. Sets are mostly low in price and give you more options.


You must set your requirement of a bath and hand towel. You must have at least a set for each individual. So that if you give one or washing, you have a spare one to use. This is the minimum requirement however you can choose to have more towels basis your personal preference and utility.


You should choose towels which are perfectly stitched for a durable effect. Always choose towels with double turned edges which avoid them in tearing fast.
Most of the small things have a bigger impact on you and choosing a right towel does the same. It is actually more important than it may sound. It’s worth buying a good towel for comforting factor.

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