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Know Your Bed Sheet

5 Types That Most Homemakers From Across the World Use Extensively

Before we go any further and inform you of the five types of popular Cotton sheets we find across the globe, here’s a trivia on bedsheets most of us till now were unaware of!
“The term bed sheet was first used in the 15th century. Bed sheets were traditionally white but now various colours and patterns are used.”
Source: Wikipedia

Two varieties of bedsheets
Fitted and flat- the two of varieties of bed sheets across all denominations (most affordable to the most expensive ones) are found all over the world. Fitted sheets have four defined corners, while flat sheets are a rectangular piece of craftsmanship.
Fitted and flat- the two of varieties of bed sheets

Common materials used in making bedsheets
1. Cotton
2. Linen
3. Silk
4. Polyester 
5. Rayon
6. Poly-cotton
7. Poly-silk
8. Linen
9. Spunbound polypropylene
10. Bamboo fibres too
11. Eucacel

Why is the thread count so important?
The more the thread count, the higher would be the quality. And thread count would be the barometer of thread numbers per square inch of the fabric in question. The softness factor is largely proportional to the thread count of the bedsheet, which is why Egyptian cotton bedsheets are most sought after for the softness, thanks to the highest amount of thread counts with the purest and very fine cotton used.
In addition to the thread count, it would be the thread type and the weave which would make the material spring forth its finest touch and feel. The quality of yarn too would play a part in its look and feel, so if you do tend to lay your hands on fine fabric Designer Bed sheets, know that the sheeting used was one of the finest yarns incorporated in the making of the sheet!

Top five bedsheets made from the finest of five cotton clans
While cotton is the ultimate favourite, especially for Indians, in addition to that, it is the humble fabric that allows the air circulation, durability and a very luxe-finesse appeal at the end of the day to come forth!
Across the globe, there are five cotton types used in the manufacturing of the best bedsheets, with blends of course. Take a look!
1. One of the most luxe touches in luxury bedding comes from Egyptian cotton, considered to be of the highest quality, which is why the sheets made from Egyptian cotton and sold are very expensive to buy. The extra-long staples of the Egyptian cotton, brings around the lustre, sheen and softness so desired when cuddling under the sheet is spoken off or thought about! Egyptian cotton is grown and harvested in North Africa.
2. Natural in its sheen and very soft as well, second to the famous Egyptian cotton fibre, Pima has medium to good quality long staple fibres. Pima cotton is grown and harvested in the U.S and across other locations in the world
3. The U.S once again gifts the world with medium-length stapled Upland cotton, which is soft to touch, but not as good as the Egyptian and Pima!
4. Supima is a registered trademark name for materials and fibres made from PIMA AMERICAN COTTON, and finally,
5. Micro Cotton is another trademarked name for cotton yarn, gifted to the world by India. The staples are long and worldwide considered to be the finest- very durable too and they look best with Geometric prints!

A paradigm shift in lifestyles
A few decades back, and even a 200-thread count bedsheet was the norm and considered luxe by many- cut to the new age, the same cannot be said now. Today, we are running amok higher thread counts and the competition amongst manufacturers of Egyptian cotton bedsheets has plumed drastically. Not only this, the chic tastes and lifestyles, uber-level branding and designer printed bed sheets rule the furnishing now!

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