Friday, July 31, 2015

Choosing a right Towel

Starting from a soothing and clean bath towel to a nice decorative hand towel, bath linen holds an important place in your life and day to day routine more than what you can think of. Because bath linens influence your complete bath décor, it’s essential that your search for nice bath accessory must begin from choosing the bath linen. You may have 2-3 bathrooms in your home but not all of them require same décor. We are here to tell you the simple steps of choosing the right kind of bath linen for each and every bathroom of your home.
Cotton- Good quality cotton towels are readily available at convenient prices

Type of Towels


Cotton- Good quality cotton towels are readily available at convenient prices which will fit into your budget. They will surely suit well with every bathroom in your home as it’s a safe purchase.

Virgin cotton

Virgin cotton towels are high in quality and very luxurious and have higher no of threads. They are more durable and last really long and extra comfortable to give you adequate warmth. You can choose to have one or two pieces of good virgin cotton towels in you master bathroom for a luxury and rich feel.

Eucacel Towels

Eucacel towels are quite eco-friendly and antibacterial, also consisting vitamins which are very good for skin hence you may consider it as a potential option for your bathrooms.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton has a natural sheen just like Egyptian cotton. It is also very durable and high in quality. These towels are extra comfortable and highly absorbent.

Towel Utilities

Bath Towel

Most of the times, standard bath towel is used for drying hands and body along with wrapping your hair and drying children after a regular bath.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are slightly bigger in size and give you the super luxurious feel when you wrap yourself after a soothing and long shower. They are oversized towels mostly used for people who are tall and bigger in built.

Hand Towel

Hand towels are not only used for drying your hands and face but also used as an accessory to decorate your bathroom. It can be used as the most effective way of decorating your bathroom in fewer budgets.

Face Towel

You may use these towels as another accessory like wrapping them and keeping them in a small basket for a cute look. Its gives an extra elegance while completing the look of your bathroom.

Towel buying guide

Purchase in Sets

Buying a towel set helps you get rid of the color matching scheme. Towel sets helps coordinate and save time and money. Sets are mostly low in price and give you more options.


You must set your requirement of a bath and hand towel. You must have at least a set for each individual. So that if you give one or washing, you have a spare one to use. This is the minimum requirement however you can choose to have more towels basis your personal preference and utility.


You should choose towels which are perfectly stitched for a durable effect. Always choose towels with double turned edges which avoid them in tearing fast.
Most of the small things have a bigger impact on you and choosing a right towel does the same. It is actually more important than it may sound. It’s worth buying a good towel for comforting factor.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Upcoming market of Bed and Bath Linen

In today’s world and era of luxurybed and bath linen, anything which is exclusive and unique is judged on the basis of thread count. You are not living 1/3rd of your life if you are unaware about thread count. It is the number of thread in one inch square of fabric. Any linen which has higher thread count is considered luxury and very expensive.
A decade ago, luxury linen market was hardly noticeable, however the scenario has changed and furnishing industry has taken a huge jump .Luxury furnishing market in India is booming out to be a big giant and claims the market share of Rs 16,500 crore.
As per the research from E&Y, one of the top 4 consulting firms, Luxury home furnishing market is on all-time high for last 2-3 years.

A decade ago, luxury linen market was hardly noticeable, however the scenario has changed and furnishing industry has taken a huge
But how do you measure luxury? Does it depends upon anything being costly? There has been a huge debate over this and couple of giant retail owners from this market claims that any linen falls within or beyond the range of 1500-1700 per meter should fall into this section. Indian luxury home decor market is a high potential one and will grow almost 5 times in next 10 years.
Target Audience
So what do you think are the potential customers of this segment? Over the ages, Indian customer especially females have been price cautious when it comes to investing in Good bed and bathlinen. May they were not aware of the comfort they can derive by having a luxury bed and bath linen. About 3 years ago a selected class of people had that mind set of investing in luxury furnishing and décor but the time has changed. With increasing trend of E-Commerce coming in place people have got the opportunity of exploring brands and products without hopping in the market. They have also got the idea of what’s best and desired basis their individual needs.
Earlier luxury décor brands were only catering to masses like film stars, celebrities, industrialists and Luxury hotels. But now High profile CEOs of multinational companies, real estate giants and high class jetsetters are the fresh clienteles for this market. Upcoming tier 2 cities and metros are adding to high demand of luxury décor.
Every luxury home needs a good décor hence comes the demand for finest bed and bath linen.
The current market size of Luxury furnishing has increased from 250-300 crores which is total of 3.4% of existing market. It is expected to grow about 15-20% by each following year.
Bed and Bath linen are contributing around 68% of entire furnishing investment in each home.
This highly growing Linen market has a reason to grow. With upcoming real estate market boom, luxury has changed its name to necessity. Every luxury home needs a good décor hence comes the demand for finest bed and bath linen. A quality bed and bath linen is a status symbol so everyone wants to possess at least 2-3 pair of ace bed sheets and bath linens.
Though the Home Furnishing industry is still considered at “testing water” stage but this segment will push all boundaries in coming years and make its strong foot in upholstery market.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why you need Bed Linens in Sets

Interior designing has become more convenient with luxury and decorative products available in the market. Your home décor is not completed until you have a matching bed linen with as per your room décor. It is now very easy to add style to you home with colored and unique bed sheets. There is enough variety and quality available in the market based on your taste and style. Starting from living room to bed room and children’s room, any place can be made stylish with having a good set of Bed linen. Though there are number of reasons as to why you should have a bed linen but we are pointing out some key factors of using finest bed linen set not only for medical reasons but also from the perspective of style and requirement for each individual house.

It is now very easy to add style to you home with colored and unique bed sheets.

For Perfect Fit
Though there are regulations in the standard size of a bed sheet but every brand has a different size and fit available in the market hence while purchasing a Bed linen in a set may give you the apt size as per your bed. If you have a king-size mattress, extra deep bed sheets are the perfect solution which will make sure that it fits perfectly on you bed. Bed sheet sets are a correct method of buying a bed linen because it ensures the correct size and perfect fit.

Convenient storage
It’s very convenient to store bedlinen sets because they are matching and easy to organize in your closet. You can just fold and carry pillow covers in the sheet and they are ready for the next time use. You may not have to worry for mixing and matching the bed linen whenever you want to change the bed sheet.

Decoration is the key
Bed sheets along with other usage is most commonly used for decorating your room, bed linen sets ensure that you have the right color and pattern for your room which is matching with the décor. You just have to pick one sheet to get your room ready. Matching pillow covers does the ease too.

Bed sheet sets ensures that you have the uniformity while placing the sheet in your room. It also avoids the hassle of choosing the right mix of colors and patterns. You can choose to have various sets at home for each room so that you have the option of changing them as per your needs.

Easy for specialty bedding
For bigger beds like daybeds and waterbeds, it is very easy to use bed linen sets for easy and comfort fitting. It’s convenient to use sets because they are tailored as per size and give you the option of matching cushions too. Most of the waterbed sheets are weaved from top and bottom for you to give a cozy feel throughout the night.
Sometimes we invest too much of our thought process in identifying the bigger reasons of possessing a product. However it is important for an individual to look for a small yet significant use of a product for simplifying life.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Finest Bed and Bath linen for Kid’s health at home and outside

Caring for a kid’s health is parent’s utmost duty and responsibility. We are sure that everyone tries their best to comfort their children in best possible way. It’s a very competitive world and relying on a single salary for a perfect upbringing of your child doesn’t seem like a good idea. Hence most parents work day in day out to fulfill the needs of their children.
As the time has also changed and people are leaving their nests and going out for work has become common thing these days. Most of the metro cities are witnessing Nuclear family culture these days. Since both parents are working hence the demand of Day care has also increased. Parents are looking for a good day care and their main focus of choosing a good day care is hygiene. No one wants to compromise with the health of their children so they want to choose a place which is clean and healthy in terms of bedding and food. 
A good quality bed and bath linen fro kids

Most of the kids spend approximately 6-7 hours per day in a day care hence hygiene is the obvious expectation of a parents. Starting from food to sharing toys everything seems to be really important aspect of any good day care however a clean bedding and bath is something which holds the topmost place. Bed and bath is a daily and frequent requirement in any day care or a crèche hence it is vital to focus on a good quality bed and bath linen if you are catering to such small children. Most of the children takes a nap of 1-2 hours daily in the day care so a perfect and comfortable bedding is really important. First because they are away from home and being a care taker, it’s your duty to provide them comfort and second the use of quality bed and bath linen will keep them away from germs and communicable diseases.
Another aspect which needs a special focus is the use of good quality bath linens. Since children tend to wash their hands pre and post meals, it’s advised to use a clean and hygienic towels to stop germs from spreading. Care takers should have dedicated linen for each child.
Any Bed and Bath linen used for children requires a special care.

Any Bed and Bath linen used for children requires a special care. Here are some of the tips for day cares to take care of children’s linens

  • Washing Bed and Bath linen on daily basis
  • Sterilizing the linens at least twice a week.
  • Changing the sheets and towels on daily basis
  • Never allow sharing of linens in day care
  • Use of comfortable pillows and pillow covers
  • In winters, day cares should take extra care while using quilts as they are in direct contact with children’s skin hence it is essential for you to get them dry cleaned on weekly basis to avoid rashes and germs.
At By ADAB, our endeavor is not only to sell our product but also educate masses about various aspects of healthy living which we usually tend to ignore because of our busy schedules. It is all the more important to follow healthy living for kid’s because their health is important factor in their growth.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Best gift for Newly Married Couple

We have been observing a lot of western culture lately and practicing a lot of their style and patterns. Besides clothes, style and culture, wedding traditions and procedure are no exclusion. Most of these customs are derived in Italy but have been practiced across globe. Starting from exchanging rings to, giving gifts and bridal veil, everything has become a trend and a must follow rule in Indian weddings too.

Gifts could include clothes, electronics but most importantly Luxury Bed and Bath Linens which a couple could possess for lifetime.

Exchanging gifts has not only become a trend but a tradition in Indian families. Most of us considered it as dowry however there is a different terminology in every culture and tradition but the essence remains same that giving gifts to bride and groom is meant to create a memory and something which they can possess for lifetime.
Gifts could include clothes, electronics but most importantly Luxury Bed and Bath Linens which a couple could possess for lifetime.
When we say linen, it’s not just limited to bedding but a huge range of Bed sheets, pillow sets and covers, duvets, duvet covers, blankets, bathroom linens including towels, mats, rugs and towels for kitchen.
With upcoming style and technology you can also have a privilege of having a Luxury Linen wedding shower by having stylish table linens.
Though there is a huge list of wedding gifts you can give to Bride and Groom but everyone wants to give a gift which is remembered for ages.
The need and idea of giving finest Bed and Bath linen will never fade away. The newly married couple needs comfortable surroundings initially to start their journey together hence it is very important for them to add comfort, colours and style in their bedroom. Most of the times Bride and groom do not invest their time and money in purchasing Bed and Bath linen hence its very essential for friends and relatives to pick an extraordinary set of Bed and Bath linen for a couple.
A great pack of 100% Egyptian cotton Luxury Linen will be cherished for lifetime, even the next generations will be able to make use of it. Mostly such sets lasts long for approx 2 decades and indeed newlyweds are going to remember such gifts throughout their nuptial journey.
By Adab has an exclusive range of wedding Bed and Bath linens and you can surely add a priceless gift to bride’s trousseau by shopping at our website. Our range of finest Bed and Bath linen are meant for those you seek comfort and warmth along with style and luxury. By Adab is not just a name but a trendsetter in its own. We create every pattern to match the mood of every décor.
Shopping online at Byadab gives you the option of choosing a wide range with unlimited designs and colours. It’s not just an ease shopping online but a path to explore something which is not available in every nook and corner.
We believe in creating memories for people who aspires for a great life. We value the importance of small things which are really important for a married couple. Try By Adab for a comforting beginning of you long journey.
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creating a peaceful bedtime regime

Making a steady effort to ease and calm down before going to bed will help you sleep better. A healthy and peaceful sleep sends power signals to your brain and helps in reducing stress.
There are theories and activities related to managing day to day stress but here are couple of ways by which one can reduce stress by putting least effort.

Comfortable Luxury Bedding

Comfort bedding and soft sheets are a good way of reducing stress while sleeping. A good quality sheet will give you enough room stretch and turn. You will require investing in good quality sheets, duvets and mattresses to see which one suit you better. Experimenting new linen will help you decide your taste and comfort

Temperature control

Any room with extreme temperature will surely hamper your sleep hence it is essential to set a balanced temperature and use quality linen for soothing effect.
Our idea of imparting knowledge about lifestyle and importance of Bed and Bath linen not only helps customers in choosing best products

Stay away from gadgets

Too much of technology also increases stress and hamper sleeping patterns. It is advised to minimize the use of gadgets at home. Spend quality time lying in good linens and reading your favourite book. This will not only make you sleep tight but also leads to happy dreams.

Consistent sleep and wake up time

Make sure you sleep and wake up at the same time during weekends too. Most of us try and take more sleep on weekends thinking it will relax our mind and body but changing you sleeping patterns so often disrupts your sleep during the weekdays and makes you tired and lethargic.

Forming a gentle pre sleep routine

Try to avoid stressful activities like working on computer, using of ipad and tabs. The most comforting way of having a good night sleep is taking a shower before bed. Use good quality bathrobes and linens for a luxurious feel. This will surely help in stimulating sleep hormones.

Light Evening Meals

Eating small and regular meals during the day makes you feel light and active. As per doctors, one must have light meals at night if you want to wake up fresh next morning. In case you feel hungry at night, try to have dairy products instead of a 3 course meal.

Regular Exercise

Regular workout help you feel energetic as well as tired enough to go off to sleep at the right time. Try to work out during the day which will help you sleep at the right time. One more reason to exercise regularly is that it creates a consistent sleeping cycle.

At By Adab we have a team of professionals who create Bed and Bath linens by keeping sleeping patterns and health benefits in mind. We have been focussing on health aspects every time because everything you do in your everyday routine directly impacts your health and happiness. We want to open the horizons for good and active living.

Our idea of imparting knowledge about lifestyle and importance of Bed and Bath linen not only helps customers in choosing best products but also educate us about what’s best and required for our customers. 

It’s an era of improvements and innovations. We at By Adab truly believe in consistency and continuous improvements in our products and our approach towards healthy living. Be with us for creating a better future.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carved with perfection- Bunny Bath

It always feels refreshing and cosy to wrap you in a soft and absorbing towel right after a shower. Although every cloth gives you a different comfort and feel but some products are just meant to give a soothing effect.  Some bath linen may look fabulous but fails to give u a comforting effect. Not all the towels have similar product quality. There may be few towels which looks super soft but deflate easily after 2-3 wash. Hence it is important to have an eye for detail while choosing best bath linen.
Most often we do not give so much attention to products like bath linens because the use is restricted for a short span however choosing a bad product might realise you the importance of good bath linen.
There are some simple and effective steps and guidelines for you to choose a best Bath Linen.
Every variety of towels has a typical use to it.
Every variety of towels has a typical use to it. The purpose may vary from using a towel for personal use or for drying dishes. Every towel is designed as per the use considering the perfect fabric in mind.
1. The typical and most important feature of a towel is its absorption quality which is created by maximum surface area. Most of the times it is recommended to use cotton towels for hands and body because they are sensitive to skin and not very harsh in use.
2.  Considering the use, linen towels are mostly preferred in cleaning glass and dishes.
3.  One of the most famous and absorbent towel is made of Terry which is perfect for drying hands and body by optimising the surface area.
4.  Most of the luxury high quality towels are made of cotton specially Egyptian and Brazilian cotton.  Needless to mention top quality long high fibre cotton known as Supima which is developed in US.
5.  No matter how much a sales person boast about a specific quality of towels, it’s always important to keep your needs and wants in mind while choosing Bath linen for you.
6.  It’s recommended and a common sign while purchasing a good towel that the fibre should stand like a grass! If it doesn’t then the linen might not feel that good and lasts that long.
7.  The top quality towels are identified basis their weight and softness.
8.   Depending upon the individual requirement, its ideal to choose the right size which is helpful in drying you quickly.
If you want to shop around a good towel, spend some quality time in online shopping rather than hopping around in market. The detailing will help you make an easy and quick purchase. Mostly the expensive towels based on their quality will last longer than the low quality ones.
Another important aspect is choosing the right colour. You may want to buy a towel depending upon your bathroom décor but white is always the preferred one as they do not fade away.
By Adab offers a range of Bath Linen which satisfies all the parameters mentioned above and gives you the best products. Online Shopping at By Adab gives you the option of choosing right size, right colour and right quality.
Our Bunny Bath towel and bathrobes range is exclusively designed for elite class customers who believe in investing for a right quality product.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Clear and glowing skin helps in improving confidence and succes

There is nothing more important than having your confidence on your shoulder. Some of us may have that inbuilt however some of us have to work towards it. Experts says that good looking people have more chances of success in work place.
Though term beauty is a very wide statement and have lot of parameters attached to it but one of the most common aspect is having a clear and glowing skin. As mentioned earlier also that some of us are blessed with a perfect skin but some may have to work towards getting the perfection.
The encouraging fact is that nothing seems impossible in this fastest growing world, so is getting a beautiful and radiant skin. It’s not always the outer skin but your inner strength in following the tips for getting a perfect and glowing skin.
You may choose to have various cosmetic products but unless you try and stay stress free, none of the cosmetic product would do wonders on you outlook. It’s essential to work on your inner strength and follow a regular skin care regime.
Here are some of the tips to be poised from inside out
Sleeping right is the key which most people tend to forget due to their busy routine hence it’s very necessary to take a good 8 hours sleep for a refreshing day.

Holistic Lifestyle change

Days of stress not only change your attitude but also makes you lethargic enough to ignore you requirements for a healthy lifestyle. Getting a clear skin is not just requires taking care of your outer face but also requires major changes in you overall lifestyle. Sleeping right is the key which most people tend to forget due to their busy routine hence it’s very necessary to take a good 8 hours sleep for a refreshing day.
Any regime which is followed rigorously always brings positive changes so try making little alterations in your lifestyle which later would reflect on your skin.

Workout your skin

Work outs always do wonders on your body, mind and soul. Try indulging in some sort of physical exercise on daily basis and you will be surprised to see how graceful your skin would look. You can choose from yoga, running, gyming, walking or swimming basis your personal liking and choice. Spending 30 minutes daily may reduce your stress level which will further stop breakouts and skin problems.

Eat Right

A healthy diet will surely do magic on your skin. The glow you aspire for can easily be attained with perfect diet plan. First and foremost stay away from oils and fast food. Healthy green vegetables will help you achieve your goals. Trying handful of nuts especially almonds and walnuts everyday will help in improving the quality and skin texture.
Your skin is the reflection of your inner strength and confidence. More than accessories and good clothes, glowing and clear skin set you apart.  There are enough ways and methods you can use to get a perfect skin but all it takes is the effort and commitment in whatever you do.
There will be a whole wide world waiting for you once you get a beautiful skin. There is nothing like being confident and achieve what you want. Having a clear skin is the best way to showcase your overall personality.
Never feel shy to initiate a step towards your well-being.

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Benefits of Quality Bed and Bath linen

Benefits of Quality Bed and Bath linen advised by Best of Doctors Worldwide

Hygiene the most important factor these days have become a part of your personality. It allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Be it your home or any outside facility it is very important for any individual to use clean bed and bath linens.  Hence if we talk about hospitals it becomes all the more mandatory to have a clean and germ free bed and bath linen. Whether you are admitted in hospital or taking care of your loved ones admitted in the hospital basic sanitation has always been and will always be very integral part of your life. Unclean and dirty bed and bath linen are a way to spread germs to the individual who have low immunity. As per the research shown by world famous children hospital in London that approximately 10 percent of people are at the risk of getting infection while spending time at the hospital and needless to mention the most suspected people are those who have low immunity or the patients in intensive care.
The reason why it is important to use good quality bed and bath linen

The most common ways of spreading the infection is using low quality and unhygienic bed and bath linens.  You can surely reduce the risk of such communicable diseases by keeping yourself clean in the form of having a proper clean bedding and using quality bath linens. There are still thousands of people who are not aware of the fact that how important it is to have clean bedding in the hospital environment. So it is very necessary to take proper care instead of curing the disease by spreading infections.

The most common ways of spreading the infection is using low quality and unhygienic bed and bath linens.It is also a very well-known fact that neglecting health habits may seem harmless in a broader view but they become very harmful when such antibodies come in contact with the people who are prone to catch infections and are vulnerable. There are millions of people dying because of infections like cold and flu etc. The reason why it is important to use good quality bed and bath linen because it can surely prevent the risk of spreading infections in the Hospitals. By using effectual protective linens in hospitals and significantly opting for a good quality, we counterbalance potentially terminal bugs and illnesses - even they seem trouble free.

As we all are aware of that the most dreadful and killing diseases like HIV and AIDS spread through shared needles, blood transfusion and body fluids but in some cases it has been found that such diseases are spread through medical professionals and hospital visitors getting in contact with sick patients and accidentally spreading infections. There is various numbers of diseases which can be guarded by using hygienic bed and bath linens in hospitals.
By ADAB has given all together a new shape to medicinal plant eucalyptus in form of bed & bath linen, which are made of 100% eucalyptus and extremely good for health hence highly recommended by good hospitals and doctors.

Besides eliminating communicable diseases by the use of our good quality bed linen, we also offer the finest collection of bath towels in the world, made of 100% virgin cotton with Perfect zero twists technology. 

Along with luxury we are also concerned for your health hence the products offered by ADAB are a right balance of health and style.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Best Friend for a Woman!

Women by nature are more inclined towards having an emotional connect with home. In earlier times most of the females were housewives so it was evident that most of the household decisions were dominated by them.

As they say time has changed but some of the traditional inclinations stand still. Women of today are equally aligned with the thought of possessing and doing household things on her own. Most of the female feel eternal bliss having a perfect family and home. On the top of it they love to bed sheet design that nest with all the creativity and love.
Most of the female feel eternal bliss having a perfect family and home.

Since we are bombarded with infinite options for every small and big thing, it’s easier to have a dream décor but choosing that right pick is equally important for perfection.

As women it’s tough to ignore the natural feeling and bend towards more girlish traces when placing together a home. If you fall in the category for a true female you just cannot let go of the idea of having number of pillows, dust ruffles, aromatic candles and luxury bed and bath linens. 

It may be difficult to make a right balance of not too feminine and masculine interiors. Sometimes it’s quite frustrating to see that you and your partner’s idea of interior do not match that well but if you follow some tips, you may surely achieve the impeccable balance.

1. Checklist- It’s recommended to make a checklist of the designs and inventory required before you head for shopping so that you can easily get rid of unwanted stuff.

2. In order to attain the right balance of colours and décor, it’s important that a couple should shop together.

3. Personal Touch- so much needed to give a personal touch and warmth in your home. That can be reached by putting your heart and mind in decorating your house. Your love for colours, music, gardening, and reading should reflect in your décor which will create something unique and will be cherished for a long time. It’s all about creating memories with your art.

4. Besides each and every corner the most important aspect is to have a right mix of softness and colours along with comfort in your bed room.

Creating a happy and healthy bedroom requires lot of effort and that’s where your love for luxury bed linen, cushions and pillows do wonders.

Our range of Mrs Support system caters to your needs of having a number of pillows and pillow fillers without compromising on the quality and comfort.

We offer the collection of finest Pillow fillers online. By ADAB’s Pillow Fillers have been engineered after a rigorous research to serve the needs of customers. They are designed and created with unique seven layer technology pillow filler which will give you super comfort along with style.

Buying pillow fillers online will eliminate your hassle of going to the market because By ADAB describes the product in such a way like no one else does. We give you the design and product specification in detail to make a right choice.
We at ‘By Adab’ create your best friend for life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gyming alone won’t be enough; a sound sleep plays a v important role

Trying different ways to getting a hold of our lost energy may sound the perfect way to start a day but if you say only eating right and gyming can get that charm back in your life then I would not agree.
Sorry to challenge and counter your idea
I have always been on my tows with my work and days of rigorous gyming and eating right could not do wonders in my life so I thought of taking a break for a while and just sleep tight for some time.
Saturday afternoon I cancelled my meetings, went for a movie, had a lavish lunch and dozed off for 3-4 hours. Unlike a busy Sunday morning of catching up with old friends on a morning walk followed by a rich breakfast, I decided to wake up slightly late and just thought of going with the flow. 

While I was just about to get up from bed, I realised I am going away from that comfort zone.

9:00 Am, which I considered pretty late as per my tight schedule seemed a decent time. I just could not realise what gave me that comfort.
While I was just about to get up from bed, I realised I am going away from that comfort zone. That’s when I realised the worth of a good night sleep which just did not come from sleeping for long hours but it actually came from a combination of long hours and perfect set of our hot selling Bed Linens.
Our Range of Luxury bed linen are perfect for your home because of its unique clarifying, bacteria resilient, airing, moisture riveting and evaporating competences. Our bed linens have a distinct texture and amazing softness which becomes even more refreshing and soothing with each wash.
Having a ‘By Adab’ bed linen is certainly a luxury and status symbol in its own.
I have a huge list of advantages how a good bed linen is directly proportional to a good night sleep but you should try ‘By Adab’ and see how well our product brings you the splendid comfort, peace of mind and great quality siesta.
Shopping online for quality bed sheets and duvet covers can be a challenge but ‘By Adab’ gives you the right platform, extended product description and better understanding of what suits your requirement and style. We also give you the clear demarcation of quality and durability. 
The transparency related to thread count of our bed sheet is undeniable. I believe product speaks for its own so here, at ‘By ADAB’ we believe in creating trust by showcasing the good quality. 
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