Monday, June 20, 2016

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Egyptian Cotton: When you hear the term 'Egyptian cotton' you recognize it is a guarantee of quality and luxury. Egyptian cotton is ranked by 'thread count' – the upper the thread count the supplementary luxurious and soft the finished #product. At King of #Cotton we provide a spread of Egyptian cotton bedding from 300 to 1100 thread count to confirm there's one thing to suit all budgets and preferences.

We stock a large vary of Egyptian cotton sheets, pillow cases, valances and Egyptian cotton cover covers therefore you'll obtain individual things or complete bedding sets. Shopping on our site is easy and quick but if you need any help feels free to call or email us at

Mrs. Cherry Berry 1" Stripe

Our Mrs. Cherry Berry 1" Stripe Bed Sheets made of 100% Egyptian cotton has been created in 400 TPI. These #bed Linens give to beautiful signing to your home. Our latest addition to our most well liked 400 Thread #cotton varies. It’s Associate in Nursing exceptional luster and excellent feel. Woven with single ply, long staple 100% cotton yarn.

Quick Overview

Material : 100% Virgin #Egyptian Cotton
Threads/ Sq" : 400

Color : Available in multi colors

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mrs. Eucacel Bed Sheets

Benefits of Mrs. Eucacel Bed Sheets  

Introduce the brand fresh 400 / 600 Thread Per Inch green bedding set
Introduce the brand fresh 400 / 600 Thread Per Inch green bedding set intertwined in 100% Eucacel that is created of 100% eucalyptus tree. Get nearer with the pillow cover of great size to provide it right match with bed linen. Besides, bed sheet appears in the green color create it feel astonishing in your room, you can make use of it on the king size bed. Go for it and you will be able to add a soup of attraction to your bedroom and sleep with calm.

Quick Overview

Material : 100% Eucace
Threads/ Sq" : 400 / 600
Color : Multi Color

Benefits of Eucacel Bed Linens :

By Adab has given all together a new shape to medicinal plant eucalyptus in from of Bed and Bath Linen, which are made of 100% eucalyptus, trademark as "Mrs. Eucacel TM".

1. Eco-friendly

2. Anti-allergic

3. Anti-bacterial

4. Vitamin E - Enriched,

5. Makes it Suitable for Sensitive Skin.

6. Easy to Wash (No Softener Required)

7. Keeps you cool in Summers & Warm in Winters

8. 2986 Galleon of water is saved in production of 1 king size bed sheets set.

9. 1.33 Pound of pesticides/ insecticides is less used.

10. Makes your sleep best. 

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