Saturday, October 3, 2015

Deteriorating lifestyle of workaholics

There is a very thin line between working hard and being a workaholic. Sometimes you do not even realize when you cross that line from being a hard worker to a workaholic unless it starts hampering your health and family. There is no harm in putting extra hours in your office and doing quality work as long as you are able to maintain a balance and pursue your hobbies along with giving enough time to your family. These people are considered hard workers, not workaholics. There is a very clear demarcation between the two.
There is a very thin line between working hard and being a workaholic.

When your office work becomes totally meaning less without any fun involved in it and you go beyond what is actually necessary at your work place with a thought that there is nothing else left in your life then it becomes an addiction and obsession which is commonly known as being workaholic.
Workaholics are usually defined as those people who are investing more than 50 hours a week at work place. These people are more likely to have reduced physical and mental health. Workaholics are usually at a greater risk of having diabetes and heart attacks. Some of the common yet fairly ignored health conditions of workaholics which requires a serious intervention are mentioned below

  • Very initial sign is the stiff movement of their body which appears like a robot leading to severe back problems.
  • Workaholics do not realize the over functioning of left brain and suppressed function of right brain which leads to increased production of adrenalin in their body that results in high cholesterol and thinning of the capillaries.
  • Since these people are very stiff in their body language, it reflects their defensive and negative attitude towards others and their personal life. Mostly these people walk and eat very fast.
  • Most of the workaholic people face depression in some or the other way. They deal with severe fatigue on daily basis which feeds depression and futility along with changing eating/sleeping patterns, lack of concentration and physical enervation
  • Usually workaholics have disturbed breathing patterns which leads to panic attacks and anxiety. Some of the common problems associated with anxiety are disturbed stomach, gastritis and ulcers.
  • Abnormal blood pressure, increased heart rate and dizziness is also a result of their cumulative stress.
  • Though it may sound a little strange but some of the workaholic people have suicidal tendencies too which aggravates when they lose their position at work place. They have a constant fear of failure.
Expectantly, any workaholic who is reading this article should have a better understanding that it is not worth risking your life for job. There are ways to deal with every situation. Professional counselling along with family support can do wonders in getting your life back on track. Look out for ways to deal with personal and professional problems.
Adding comfort in your home with good décor and comfortable bedding can also ease your stress to a greater extent. Try adding ways to feel at ease while you are back home.
Always remembers, your identity at office doesn’t define who you are and what you can achieve. You are priceless for your loved ones. 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wedge Pillow buying guide

We have been talking about the various designs and ways how the pillow can be an important accessory for your bed along with keeping your body posture right but there are more pillows available in the market which has an entirely different purpose and use.
With increasing stress and medical issues these days, most of the pillow making companies are focu for the medical use is Wedge Pillow. sing on creating pillows by keeping medical requirements in mind. Some of the manufacturers are making medical use pillows as their USP while selling the brand. There may be large amount of options available in the market but one of the top selling pillows which is created especially

Usually wedge pillows are available in regular and memory foam.
Wedge pillows are perfect for therapeutic use, wedge pillows are designed in a way that it elevates the head and neck. People who have the habit of reading while sleeping should use these pillows for proper head and neck support. If someone is looking for the option in pillows which can match their requirement of lounging and restful sleep then choosing wedge pillows will be the best option. Though these pillows are one of the hot selling item available in the market but purchasing them is not an easy task. There are number of things you need to keep in mind while purchasing wedge pillow for your individual requirement.

  • Wedge pillows are available in various sizes but make sure you keep your bed size in mind while buying. For a single bed, one wedge pillow may be enough but while buying for king or queen size bed, try and pick up a bigger wedge pillow that spans the length of your bed. Fitting the wedge pillow on your bed is a great way to add comfort.
  •  Always keep the filling of the wedge pillow in mind. Usually wedge pillows are available in regular and memory foam. Mostly memory foam wedge pillows are best for side sleepers. In case you are a back sleeper then choose pillows which are filled with polyurethane because that is more firm and provides support to your back and neck. Some wedge pillows are filled with regular polyester which for soft and comfortable feel but they are not perfect for medical use. Wedge pillows with cushions are perfect for pregnant females as they provide enough comfort to their back, neck and belly.
  • Always keep your individual use in mind before purchasing a wedge pillow. There are different uses of wedge pillows basis on their shape and size. Mostly the regular and standard pillows are used by people suffering from heartburn, acid reflux and deep congestion problems. For reading and lounging, extra-large pillows are recommended to avoid misalignment. For better circulation of your legs, it’s good to use leg wedge pillows. Such pillows are designed to reduce varicose veins and gives your extra comfort. Most of the doctors recommend leg wedge pillows to ease out restless leg syndrome.
Wedge pillows are a great way to keep your health in good shape. They are not only designed with perfection by keeping smallest of medical details in mind but also created to provide you extreme comfort.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Average life of a bed linen

Seems like a very interesting question as to how long should the bedding be kept? Though there have been a huge debate over this issue but none of the experts have been able to satisfy the customers about their bed linen keeping facts. Some of the customers are aware of the fact but they do not wish to shell out money to invest in Bed linens as they feel a normal bed linen does the same amount of work as a good quality linen. There are various factors involved in the average life of a bed linen. Frequent wash and ironing surely deteriorates the quality of a linen but some of the good quality Egyptian cotton lasts for a long time hence there is no specific test involved in it.
the actual guide of the average life of a bed linen is mentioned below.
Everyone seems to have a different opinion about bed linen basic but the actual guide of the average life of a bed linen is mentioned below. This will surely give you the insight of how long you should keep your bedding with you and when is the right time to get rid of your old bed linens and think of investing in a new one.
As per research, one should keep their bedding over one year else it may lead to health problem like backache and other kind of allergies. The basic information about the time is mentioned below
The average life of pillow is 2 years and the duvets should not be used for more than five years. Most of the people are unaware of this fact and use their duvets for more than 5-6 years.
Most of the people have this mind-set that investing in a bedding is a waste of money hence they buy anything which is available in the market irrespective of their individual requirements. Mostly women are in the habit of replacing their bedding as per the season change because they do not find it a liability investing in a good bed linen.
they feel a normal bed linen does the same amount of work as a good quality linen.
Although duvets and pillows have a mentioned life of about 10 years but ideally should be changed much before that. Regular care and washing can protect these pillows and duvets for a longer time. As per most of the females, changing bedding frequently is not just an idea of investing into something worth but also a good way to lift the mood and entire décor.
Some of the companies recommends you to wash your bedding frequently for a longer use. Most of the duvets are washed at home which may deteriorate the fabric hence changing them on regular basis without focusing on what is written in the instruction is a good idea. It is also essential for you to understand that you must wash the pillows even early as duvets.
Keep these factors in mind before you plan to change the bedding. Since fine quality cotton bedding is slightly expensive, it’s more important for you to understand the facts before making a purchase. Keep a check on linen care guide and see the performance of the material yourself and make the purchase. It is always best to know what suits your needs.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Key to choose slipcovers for Home Furniture

Slip covers are a great way to hide your furniture from kids as well as an old fashioned cover on your furniture. It could be your sofa, chair or dining chairs. They not only increase the life of the furniture but also give it a trendy and new look. They make your furniture more sturdy and reusable if you are planning to dispose it off. 
Choosing a right slipcover is a good option for your furniture but there are some key points one need to keep in mind while shopping for slip covers.
Choosing a right slipcover is a good option for your furniture but there are some key points one need to keep in mind while shopping for slip covers.
  1. First and foremost point to consider is to see whether the fabric is machine wash or dry clean for some families spending on dry cleaning every time may not be a problem but for those who want to have a slip cover to protect their couch from pets require frequent machine wash.  You must check the product description before buying a slip cover. Be sure of what you are spending on and how durable the fabric will be after frequent wash.
  2. Although there are various kind of fabrics available in the market which may give a thin look with gloss and sheen but they may not be as durable as you want hence going for thick cotton is a great idea. They are not only durable but also look and feel sturdy and long lasting.
  3. You may have a specific colour option in mind but choosing white is always a safe option. White not only is easy to bleach but also looks classy. You can have the option of removing stains by bleaching a white colour slipcover. White also has the quality of not getting faded with time unlike other dark shades.
  4. Although more covers of slipcovers gives a more fitted look but keeping them intact may be a challenge and maintaining while washing is another tough task. Always look for a single piece slip cover to get rid of the hassle of removing it in pieces. Have a right size which can fit into your furniture. If you are looking for a low maintenance cover then do not go for something which has pleats on it. Slipcovers which are simple to look and easy to maintain are more in demand and give a chick look to furniture.
  5.   Try to refrain from a material which is silky and polyester. It may look sleek and gives your furniture a glossier look but they do not fit too well. Polyester is also not durable and uncomfortable to use.
Slip covers are a great way to disguise the stains and marks on your furniture. They are created with an idea of giving your furniture a new life along with slight change in the décor. Choose a slipcover which goes well with entire interiors and look if your house. Do not use loud colour as it is a daily use item. Keeping it simple and light will enhance the overall look of your house. Cotton as usual will be the best material to use for a longer lifespan and elite look.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Determining Washing frequency for Bath and Kitchen towels

Towels which are mostly used in kitchen and bathroom are the major source of dirt and grimes. Most of us are not in the habit of washing our bathroom and kitchen towels on frequent basis, in fact most of us are not even aware of how frequently should we wash them to keep ourselves and family free from dirt and micro-organisms. Is it enough to wash them once in a week?
doctors strictly recommend not to share bath towels amongst family members

To get rid of washing them, most of us prefer throwing them away but that is not the solution every time. Based on the research in America, one out of 6 people gets their stomach sickness through these dirty bath and kitchen towels. Although doctors strictly recommend not to share bath towels amongst family members too but some of the practical solutions to keep your family safe are mentioned below.
In your bathroom, fungus and germs have the tendency to grow faster if your hand towel is wet but these microorganisms have hard time to be alive once the towel is dry hence it is essential to use a dry towel in the bathroom. You need to make sure that you wash these towels before drying them. Dust and skin flakes also tend to remove when you clean your face rigorously.
Actually you must be more concerned about bacteria which can grow rapidly instead of usual dust and dirt in the environment. The best way is to keep a separate towel for each family members to avoid recurrent infections in the family. Using the towels 2-3 times demand a frequent wash.
Another area which you need to focus is the kitchen towels. Most of the germs are multiplied in kitchen towels if you do not wash them daily. There have been a debate in terms of how often you need to wash the kitchen towel unless they are contaminated with fungus etc. The towels which are frequently washed are always the best possible way to stop recurrent infections. In case there is a family members who is extra sensitive towards allergies then washing the towels daily is recommended however if all the family members are healthy and immune towards these allergies then washing them twice a week should also suffice.
To stop growing the microorganisms and dust mites, it is important to wash them in machine with hot water is essential. It will help in sanitizing the towels if not sterilizing them. Though it will be helpful in eliminating the count of grimes and bacteria but not make the count to zero. In case you are extremely particular about washing them frequently then you should use the sterilizer which is recommended by doctors. Usually these sterilizers are used while surgeries.
If you are extremely cautious about the raw meat or any guest who has the skin infections then you must soak your towels into bleach and they are ready to use.
Though there are number of ways you can adopt which are extremely hygienic but these small steps can also make a big difference in maintaining the hygiene in your kitchen and bathroom. 
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Satin Sets Style and Romance

Ever wondered why using a satin weave bed sheet suddenly creates a happy and refreshing mood? Well satin is one material which is naturally soft and gives you a sumptuous feel against your body. Satin has the elegance and classic feel to it. Satin sheets bring luxury to your bed room along with keeping it comfortable and restful. In case you are planning to refurbish your bed room, opting for a satin sheet may be the best idea in minimal cost. It creates a peaceful and comfortable environment in the room.
Satin sheets are naturally very soft, hence provides you extra cooling effect in warm months.
Satin sheets are naturally very soft, hence provides you extra cooling effect in warm months. It has a tactile sensation effect which is very soothing to your body and mind. Satin is a very soft material and perfect for summers. It is very light and lustrous but doesn’t stick to your body during humid weather. Satin actually creates a cooling effect on your body without adding too much weight and warmth. Satin bedding has a unique quality of keeping your warm even in cooling weather.
Those who are allergic to woollens and heavy bedding materials must go for satin to keep them away from allergies and dust mites. Satin sheets are the best for bare skin as it is extremely soothing and cool. Satin sheets have the additional advantage of not rolling up across your body and keep you renewed and refreshed in the morning.
In case you have started using a satin sheet, we bet you are no more considering your old cotton sheets. Satin sheets are a perfect blend of style and comfort. Giving yourself an option to choose a satin bed sheets and bedding may uplift your comfort to a greater extent. Even the most expensive cotton sheets are not compared with the luxurious and comfortable feeling of satin sheets.
Satin is mostly associated with rejuvenating your romantic life because of its incomparable comfort and style. Satin has the ability to instigate your romantic side even if you have been married for years. Comfort of satin is so unmatched that it automatically puts you in a soothing and happy place.
Satin is usually a popular choice when you are shopping for your bedding. It not only creates a happy mood but also provides a vibrant look and feel to a newly married couple’s bedroom. Try choosing plain satin colours in bed sheets for a more luxurious look. Satin is not only available in bed sheets but also comes handy in duvet covers, bed covers and pillow covers.
For some people choosing satin over cotton may not be a good idea, but once you start using satin fabric in bed sheets then having a cotton bed sheet may not give you the same feel. Satin doesn’t attract dust mites and allergies very often because it is a very tightly woven fabric.
Satin bedding products are very lavish and very durable in use. They lasts for ages with the same sheen. They are easy to wash and care. You can perfectly elevate your mood by choosing satin bedding in plain and vibrant colours like red black and pink.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Getting Rid of Bed Bug Epidemic

Changing season and everyone is worried about bed bug epidemic. Starting from neighbour to newspapers and articles everyone seems to be talking about how to get rid of bed bugs. These bugs are always in the chance of sucking your blood and making your daily life miserable. These biting bugs needs a good bashing if you wish to have a comfortable stay in your home. Mostly these bugs migrate to your mattress and then to your body hence finding an effective ways to keep them away is really necessary.
Changing season and everyone is worried about bed bug epidemic.
First and the foremost step which you must take is to cover your mattress so that you can keep these bugs at bay. Try to take preventive measures instead of taking the corrective actions. Though you may have some ideas in minds how to keep your bed away from bed bug epidemic but some of the easy and simple ways to keep your bed clean and bed bug free are mentioned below.

  • Understanding the signs of bed bug epidemic is really important. Generally the first sign you notice is the itchy and red rashes over your skin. If you have heard of bed bug invasion or have already seen it around then you must give a close check to your bed. Mostly these bugs are brown in colour with a flat look. The size of these bugs are as small as an apple seed. The ideal way to look for them is to check the rust like spots on your bed and mattresses. These bugs have the tendency to shed their skin on bed, furniture and walls.
    The second step is to get your entire home a deep cleaning and inspection.
  • The second step is to get your entire home a deep cleaning and inspection. Mostly these bugs live in the corners of your house. They are well identified on walls, floors and corner spaces available in your home. Make sure you wash your bedding frequently along with window frames and corners. Always vacuum the mattresses and cushions which you normally do not wash very often. Keeping your house clean on daily basis may not always protect your house with these bed bugs hence weekly inspection is necessary. It is always good to discover these bed bugs early before infestation.
  •   It is a very good idea to protect your bedding by keeping covers on everything. Starting from mattress to cushions and duvets, every bedding essential should be covered so that bugs do not multiply. Try to choose bed bug resistant covers for a better protection. Make sure your covers are zipped and closed from all the corners. Always protect your pillows by keeping pillow covers on them.
  •  Not only at home but these bed bugs tend to spend if you carry your bedding while travelling. They are manifested in your luggage if you are a frequent traveller. Always keep your dirty clothes in a sealed bag to avoid spreading bed bugs. In case you are in a hotel or travelling make sure you ask for a fresh beddingand blankets. At the least you can make sure that you keep checking your travel bags frequently and in case you are at a doubt of spreading bed bugs then wash your bedding along with your travel bags.
As they say care is better than cure hence it is essential for you to keep a constant check for a healthy and better lifestyle.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monarch’s favourite thread

There has been a lot of discussion around thread count. The word thread count was originally come from USA to give the clear demarcation between percale and muslin. Thread count is defined as measurement of threads/sq inch. Any fabric with a thread count of more than 200 was known as percale and below 200 was considered as Muslin. Anything apart from percale and muslin did not come in the category of thread count.
There has been a lot of discussion around thread count.
With the origin of European bed sheet around 25 years ago, there was a speculation in America as to why the thread count was not marked on the product. Since there was nothing called thread count which existed in Europe they could not comprehend the term known as thread count. One of the reasons of not using thread count because they never use Inches in Europe. Their criteria were to measure the fabric quality by grams per square centimetres.
Based on the consumer’s demand and growing industry, Europeans also started using Thread count in their sheets which ultimately became an elite class product even more expensive than America’s percale.
As and when European manufacturers realised the meaning of thread count, the war for the best product started within the linen industry. Higher the thread counts better the fabric. The initial 200 thread count was considered as the basic one. Manufacturers started making sheets which were more than 800 thread count and completely an elite product.
Anybody who has the love for textile should be able to tell the thread count basis the touch of the cloth. Actually the thread count is very important for the feel of the sheet. It decides how well the sheet has been weaved and how perfect it is in terms of its quality. Not necessary the higher thread count but there are some sheets which has low thread count are also good in quality and gives you a superb feel.
Thread count not only exists in bed linens but later the high quality bath linens were also measured by the thread count. Most of the Egyptian Cotton sheets
and towels have high thread count. Though they are a bit expensive but once you start using it, you will not be able to switch to any other bed sheet or bath linen.
Most of the elite class hotels and decorators also use high quality thread count linens when it comes to keeping their clients for life time. High thread count linens are not only best in their look but are also there with you for decades. They are very long lasting and don’t fade away with time and frequent washes.
Overall it’s always good to have knowledge about what product are you purchasing as you are investing money in that. For the best result you should touch and feel the product. Run your hands through it and see if it is sheer enough for your choice. Does it give you enough smoothness? Is the product tightly woven? If you are able to understand these basic facts then you are surely investing your money in something which is worth for lifetime.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips on purchasing Bed Linens for College students

You are growing up as an adult and want to have your own space. College is the time when you are really fresh with your ideas, styles and requirements. Everything you require in your room needs to be perfect as you have just started exploring the outer world and needs to showcase your good taste.
Everything you require in your room needs to be perfect as you have just started exploring the outer world and needs to showcase your good taste.
Starting from perfect décor to the best of linens, a dorm room should be a good mix of values and style. It is not always necessary to have the very modern interior and décor but the idea of good décor is to showcase who you are and what your style statement is. Though there are a number of options available when it comes to choosing the right linen, but you need to be aware of certain aspects of purchasing a quality bed linen for your dorm room.

    The very first requirement of buying a linen is picking up the right size
  • The very first requirement of buying a linen is picking up the right size, if you are creating a dorm room, you are likely to have twin mattresses which are bigger in size hence it is important to have the right size. Linens are also a good investment if you are going for a branded and cotton ones, hence having the right size eliminates the wrong selection in terms of right fitting.
  • Thread count has always been a big question in everyone’s mind while purchasing bed linens nut it does make a huge difference in your comfort. While most of the students prefer to save money when it comes to bed linens, but spending one time on a good cotton bed linen will keep you at ease for a long time. Since high thread count sheets are very durable, you will not have to get into the hassle of buying bed linens often. A good Egyptian cotton bed linen lasts for decades.
  • Colour is another area which you should keep in mind. Most of the students tend to spend a lot of time on their bed, hence choosing light or white color may not be a great idea. Most of the times your food is also served on your board, hence taking care of light colored bed linen may turn out to be a hard task. Choosing bright and dark colors will not only enhance the look of your room but will also be easy to maintain.
  • Make sure a dorm room should have at least 3-4 pair of bed linens as they go through a lot of harsh use while you are sitting, studying and eating with them for a longer duration. Having more bed linen sets will be easy to change. While washing one set, you can have another put on to your bed. Moreover, having some good tasteful bed linens will also help in decorating your bedroom at low cost. You may also add bedding accessories to make your bed linen look even more vibrant. Adding throw pillows and cushion will be a good idea to keep your bed look really fresh and stylish. Pillows and cushions can also add more comfort while you are studying.
Try making these changes in dorm room and select good bed linens for a great look and ultra-comfortable bed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Organic Bed and Bath linen facts

When you say organic, something really pure comes to your mind. If you notice more and more people are getting inclined towards purchasing and using organic products. It is not just about following the trend, but there are reasons of choosing organic products. Green and organic products are not just limited to food products, but the range has become really wide. From food to bed linens every retailer is focusing on Organic products because of its unlimited advantages.
Organic linens are chemical free and are very healthy for your skin.
Though most of the day in the week you are out for almost 12 hours a day, but still when you come back home you expect an unmatched comfort especially in your bed. Most of the people have started switching to organic products when it comes to eating, why hesitate in choosing the organic bed linens. Switching to organic linens may not only give you a healthy life, but you will also be contributing your share to save nature.
Organic linens are chemical free and are very healthy for your skin. They do not go through the process of using harsh chemicals on the fabric to make it extra soft and full of sheen. Such products have the brightness and class of its own.
Using non organic products are always risky and unhealthy for your skin. Having organic linens are always the best choice for your skin and overall health. Organic sheets and bath linens are always softer than the usual linens. These days more and more people have started using organic bed and bath linens for a better sleep and unmatched comfort. It may be difficult to understand the actual feel of organic products for the people who do not use them, but as soon as you start using organic linens, you will see the difference in your health and overall sleep regime.
Initially you may find it slightly expensive, but it is surely worth investing in a product which has so many benefits than you can possibly imagine. Organic cotton sheets and bath linens are so durable that it can be with you for decades. You will not have the hassle of replacing such linens for years.
When thinking organic, boring colours comes in your mind, but that is not the reality. Organic linens are available in soothing yet classy and stylish designs and colours. Most of the main stream retailers are moving towards selling organic bed and bathlinens because the demand is high and they are the best in class.
In case you are planning to switch to organic linens, start with bed sheets, duvet covers and bath linens so that you can have the real feel of the product without spending too much in one go.
Not only linens, but most of the sellers are also focusing on organic baby bedding because they are very healthy for the babies. Every parent wants the best hence retailer have the best to offer them. Organic linens are easy to maintain, wash and lasts for ages.
Organic products are not only good for you, but very important to save the natural resources. Start your bit by contributing towards nature’s well-being as well.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bathrobes for enhancing luxurious feel

Bathrobe is one item which can be used in multiple ways. Whether you are using it for the daily shower regime or casual lounging after a luxury spa, it works really well with all the moods and requirements. Though most of the companies have a designer range of luxury bathrobes, but it is very essential for a person to know the facts about bathrobe fabrics which can result in a complete comfort.
Bathrobe is one item which can be used in multiple ways.
Determining the right fabric for bathrobe is necessary whether you are buying it for personal use or a luxury gift. Though there are numbers of fabrics available in the market, but one must learn to make a right selection by picking up the fabric which is best suited for their body and style.
Have a look at the designs and fabrics and other facts related to bathrobes.
  •  For the basic and first time user of a bathrobe, one must select cotton or terry cotton as they are the most absorbent fabrics. They are mostly used for the purpose of towelling off after a shower. 100% cotton bathrobes are absorbent in nature and keep you dry if you choose to indulge in lounging in warmer months.
  • Another fabric that looks really classy and has a natural sheen is silk. Any bathrobe made of silk will surely give you a classy feel and often used after a luxurious spa session. Silk is difficult to take care of hence getting it dry cleaned is always the best option. Keep your silk bathrobes away from harsh detergents and machine washes.
  • In case you are looking for a plush and luxurious feel, opt for Turkish cotton. It is not only luxurious but super comfortable and has a natural brightness to it. Although most companies go for Egyptian cotton in bathrobes, but Turkish cotton is also favoured by a lot of clients for its light weight material and natural sheen. Most of the times Egyptian cotton will remain wet in a humid climate, but Turkish cotton has the tendency to remain dry in the humid season as well. Turkish cotton will be extremely plush and will not take more time to get dry.
  • Luxurybathrobes are mostly a necessity for the people who have a regular gymAnother factor while choosing the bathrobes is taken as the size. You must opt of the appropriate size for a comfortable feel. Usually they come in 3 sizes. Short, long and mid-calf. It is completely an individual’s choice as to which size they want to have. You may consider your size basis the season and personal choice regarding length. Most of the kid’s bathrobes come in one size and usually made with cotton fabrics.
Luxurybathrobes are mostly a necessity for the people who have a regular gym, spa and swimming regime. Depending upon your requirement and usage you must select a bathrobe which can fulfil the entire requirement as keeping too many at the same time doesn’t make sense. Always keep the choice, colour, fabric and seasonal requirement while choosing a perfect bathrobe for yourself or gifting purpose. Try to opt for cotton if it is in daily use as silk is more of a style but has less comfort than cotton.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Understanding Eucacel Bedding

Anyone who has been going through a tough time getting enough sleep on the bed which is not as per his need may understand the value of a good night’s sleep and comfortable bedding. Choosing the appropriate luxury linen for your bedding may open the gates for your comfort when it comes to sleep. Most of the elegant and luxurious beddings are made of Eucacel. This is a very unique fibre that is made from Beech Trees. Eucacel bedding has the capability of changing your entire sleep pattern with its comfort and uniqueness.

Some of the benefits of Eucacel bedding are described below.

Some of the benefits of Eucacel bedding are described below.

Unmatched Pliability

Some of the characteristics of Eucacel bedding includes its low fibre stiffness and smooth fibre surface. Eucacel is the top most material in the world. It is considered to be the softest fibre across globe. Every single detail and characteristic of Eucacel is worth admiring. Even if you wash this material for a number of times, its sheen will not fade away. It has the quality of keeping the dirt and dust mites away and do not pile up unwanted bacteria. The softness and sheet will remain as it is for years to come.

Strong Absorption

Eucacel fibre has the ability to absorb the moisture quickly, which is very helpful in rainy and winter season. The ability to absorb the moisture makes it very cool and easy going. As soon as you start to use such linens in your room, there will be a major change in terms of comfort and quality of sleep. It is more comfortable than cotton and other type of bed linen materials. Eucacel is indeed a very unique fabric which goes really well with any kind of season and weather

Colour Positivity and lasting effect

Eucacel is such a fine fabric that even if you dye the product, it will not bleed the colour no matter how many times you wash and use it. It has the quality of keeping the colour, sheen for ages and it can stand for vibrant colours even after hundreds of washes.

Organic Nature

Since the fabric of Eucacel is derived from eucalyptus tree, it has the quality of being organic in nature. It is totally a renewable resource and completely environment friendly. Eucacel enhances on its own and automatically reload in number. The reason of refining was also kept the environmental friendliness in mind. We recommend Eucacel bedding to support Go Green initiative. You will realise the worth of Eucacel bedding as soon as you start using it.

Perfect for comfortable sleep

The quality, sheen and softness of Eucacel make it perfect for luxury bedding and comfortable sleep. Those who have any kind of difficulty getting enough sleep at night must try Eucacel bedding. You will surely see the positive and comforting change in your sleep. The product is not just limited to bed linens, but also perfect for comfortable clothing.
Eucacel bedding is mostly created with the right balance of Eucacel and cotton to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Use it for long lasting effect and durability.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Latest trends in Kid’s bedding

Choosing kids bedding and designing their room is a very exciting activity for any parent. It is a place where your child gets best of the comfort and has everything which is truly cherishing for him/her. Though there are a number of ideas on how you can design the kid’s bedding but to make it more personal and special, you must go to theme bedding. Such bedding provides colour, fun and excitement for kids. Linen industry has also emerged widely now and you can get any design you want on the basis of your choice and need. Starting from princess prints to cartoon characters, everything is available in the form of bedding and a child actually enjoys that in their personal space as they can related to them.
It is a place where your child gets best of the comfort
If you are specifically looking for a baby boy’s bedding, then there is no crunch of themes and ideas. You can select cartoon characters, general fine and mild prints however if your child is an aspiring sports player and have a deep interest in sports and athletics then there are some fine and enticing theme bedding options to choose from.

  • If your child has an interest towards basketball, then NBA and NCAA teams are popular choices in bed sheets and comforters. There are sheets and beddings specifically designed in keeping the players as a pattern and design. Some kids are too much keen to see the entire league or team as a part of their room, then you can opt for bedding with basketball and hoops.
  • Another very exciting pattern and design is the football design. It’s one of the hottest selling designs in this segment. You can pick up their favourite player or team and have a particular design as a part of their bedding. In case you do not wish to have an entire team or a player’s design and want to go really mild in colours then you can opt the colours matching to your kid’s favourite team.
  • Baseball is another form of design you can have for bedding. You can have bedding in sets with baseball team logos on the sheets and blankets. It doesn’t really matter which design or logo you choose, in any case all the sports themed bedding options will bring a smile to your little champ’s face.
  •   How can we forget to add soccer as a potential option for theme bedding? You can have a combination of bed sheets with grassy greens along with matching or plain black and white furniture in the room. Soccer bedding has always been boy’s favourite in terms of room interiors.
  • Not too many kids are fond of golf themes at least when they are young, but having this is surely a hit design. Most of the companies while designing golf themes do not really portray the actual golf accessories, but have a combination of golf balls with any of the bright colors to be on the safer side.
It’s really endearing to see a smile on your little one’s face with such a theme bedding. They are always a favourite choice and first option when you think of designing a boy’s room. Try these sports theme for a rugged look and classic feel.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Steps to keep your pillow bacteria and allergy free

We may consider pillow just a piece of supporting your neck but it does a lot more than you can possibly think of. They are the actual ones to keep you in right posture while sleeping and decides a peaceful sleep. Most of us, even the most hygienic people usually do not pay much attention to pillows while cleaning their bedding. We often just think of changing the pillow cover with the entire sheet. Our main focus while cleaning the bedding lies in the bed sheet only however we should not forget how important it is to clean the bed pillows and how much impact this cleaning has on us and our overall health.
They are the actual ones to keep you in right posture while sleeping and decides a peaceful sleep.
Most of the times those dust mites which stays in our pillows are the main source of spreading infections and allergies. Since most of the people tend to spend minimum 8 hours on that pillow, it is nearly the most aggravating triggers in spreading infections like cold, cough and fever. Though it is practically not possible to keep your entire home germ free and completely disease proof but it’s not very tough to make an effort of cleaning you bedding specially your bed pillows and make them hygienic. You can try some of the very simple and effective ways to keep your pillows completely germ free and clean.
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry. Try using filter in your bedroom to keep it free from dust mites and germs. You must look out for HEPA filters to catch the smallest of dust mites in your room and on the bed pillows.
  •  Another great and a very easy way to look for hypoallergenic pillows. They are meant and designed to be cleaned regularly. These pillows are very easy to wash and do not break away with frequent washing. They are designed in a way to prohibit the frequent growth of dust mites and bacteria. There are various filling materials available in the market hence you can choose from polyester, latex foam or down alternative. They are easy for regular washing 
  •  In case you are unable to wash your pillows once a week or more, you must go for vacuum them daily. It doesn’t take more time and vacuum is an easy way to catch the smallest of germ and dust particles from bed pillows. There are HEPA vacuums available which has the ability to work on the air filtration system.
  • Another and most convenient way to keep your pillows germ free is to keep the pillow covers on them and keep changing them frequently. Try to look for zipped pillow covers which are more authentic in terms of hygiene. They are the gatekeepers in protecting your pillows from allergies and dust times.
Keeping a right check on your pillow cleaning can be the first step towards your entire health and safety. It will keep you away from allergies and provide you a comfortable and stress free sleep. Most of the people who have infections like asthma should take special care of their pillows and bedding cleanliness. 
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Classy Silk

No matter how old silk fabric is, it always looks and feels elegant. It has a natural sheen and always gives you a classy feel. Starting from clothing to linens, silk has always been one top choice of elite class customers. Whether you want an ancient or a modern look in your home, silk can be a perfect solution for both. It has a unique feature of always looking vibrant and bright irrespective of the colours.
It is very easy and convenient to upgrade your bedroom just by putting a silk bed linen on your bed. Being very soft and light, silk sheets can enlighten your bedroom into a comfort zone for sleeping and relaxing. If you are obsessed with silk as a part of your bed linen, then we are here to guide you on how to choose silk bed sheets.
 Silk is made from the protein produced by silkworm
  • Silk is made from the protein produced by silkworm and is very rare to find hence it always comes in a heavy price than any other fabric. It is a very natural material and has the ability to last for ages. Most of the silk clothes and linens usually comes in subtle colours because silk has its own sheen and natural vibrancy hence added colours may overpower the natural brightness of silk fabric.
  • It’s always best to weigh your options before you opt for a silk bedding. Decide how much heavy material and sheet you want on your bed. Most of the times, silk sheets are thinner and very long lasting. Lower momme weight decides the thinness of the silk sheets. Whenever you are buying a silk sheet, always look for momme weight of 13-19.
  • Though there are number of options available in colours and styles, but usually there are only 2 types of silks available in the market known as mulberry silk and wild silk. Mulberry silk is made by feeding special diet to silkworm on mulberry leaves. This special kind of origin of silk helps in producing the finest and softest silk sheets in the world. However wild silk is produced by using lot of silk worms in a normal way and this type of silk is softer but much economical than mulberry silk.  Even if you look for any specific type of silk fabric, make sure it is breathable and comfortable to use. 
  • People often get confused with silk, satin and sateen sheets. Always look for silk by its sheen. Silk is naturally a very bright and durable material however satin and sateen are synthetic and artificial fibres. Mostly silk is bright from back and front but satin and sateen are bright from the front and matt from the back. Sateen is usually combined with cotton material but satin can be made by using variety of fabrics like cotton, silk and polyester. Although every fabric has a quality of its own but if you are looking for a complete luxury and elite class feel, then choosing silk can be a great idea.
Silk always defines class and luxury. It may come with the price but you can vouch for the durability and comfort.
Silk always defines class and luxury. It may come with the price but you can vouch for the durability and comfort.
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Purchasing the right Mattress

You may choose the best of furniture for your home but the mattress on your bed is the most important aspect of your room. A good sleep has a direct impact on your mood, daily routine and work performance. Any mattress which is not selected as per your requirements can bring disastrous changes in your life hence it is important to have the right kind of mattress in your room so that you wake up fresh and rested.
You must take size into the consideration while selecting the mattress.
How to select Right Mattress
Most of the times mattress which is as small as a twin or full (also known as a double) is enough for one person but two people want more space to evade getting restricted and uncomfortable. You must take size into the consideration while selecting the mattress. Ideal is to choose a king or queen mattress to have enough leg space and movement space for 2 people to sleep comfortably. There are California king mattresses available in the market which are larger than the king size mattress and more useful for slightly taller people. You need to have the knowledge of bed size as well for choosing the right mattress for you.
Although mattress has no quality to cure your illness but a right mattress has the ability to provide relief from many of the problems which you may have elated to your sleep patterns. Bad backs are assisted most with the help and support of a firm mattress. There is a variety of firm memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses accessible in the market. A good form memory foam is usually measured by its density. Pocketed coil spring mattresses also have good supportive qualities. You should always choose a mattress with bendable firmness for each side if the people sharing one bed has a different requirements in terms of firmness of a mattress.
Most of the synthetic fiber and filling mattress are good in case you have asthma and allergies. Avoid the use of cotton mattress which can instigate more allergies.
Some of the good mattress made of Memory foam, latex foam, and pillow-top mattresses are good for people with arthritis problems as it provides more cushioning effect.
Memory foam mattress are best for those who have trouble in sleeping early and staying awake for long in bed. Memory foam mattress avoids transfer movement hence they are good for people who are disturbed with movements on the bed.
There is a huge impact on your sleep with the use of different types of mattresses.
What’s inside the mattress?
There is a huge impact on your sleep with the use of different types of mattresses. A spring mattress is very cost effective and readily available mattress you'll find in the market. Mattress which are more firm and used as the best option for side sleepers are more commonly named as spring mattress. Memory foam mattresses follow the body and is able to provide backing to all pressure points, leaving you fully relaxed when you wake up. Gel memory foam has the equal care as regular memory foam, but the filled gel beads permit an increased air flow that helps in cooling down people who feels extra heat and sweat while sleeping. Latex foam mattresses are made of an eco-friendly material.
More information you have about the right mattress will help you in more ways than you may possibly think of. Starting from a good sleep to medical advantages, right mattress does it all for you.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to create an inviting Guest Room

It is always a special moment to design your home the way you like. You add lot of colours, accessories and furniture while designing your home but there is a space in your home which you are not really sure about how to design and yet want this to be as beautiful as possible. This dedicated space you love to show off is for your guests. You home may be a true presentation of your own style and class but guest room requires something which doesn’t require your personal taste. Since it’s a guest room, it has to match the comfort of your guests.
When you want to decorate and design your guest room, you can have some simple tricks and ways in mind which will create this space in perfect manner and reflect your style as well.

Add Quality Bed Linens

For most of the guests, the only comforting factor is the bedding hence it is very important for you to take care of what kind of linens you are adding on bed. Choose luxury bed sheets for a great feel and add microfiber quilts in winter months. It’s good to add sift and comfortable top sheets in summers for easy breathing and sweat control.
For most of the guests, the only comforting factor is the bedding hence

Setting up the right bedding

For guests, their comfort comes first and nothing can replace the comfort of a god night sleep. You may not want to spend too much on the new mattress hence keeping the old mattress intact but adding a memory foam topper may be a good idea to add more warmth and cosiness on the bed. They are not only luxurious but provide additional comfort too.

Add easy furniture.

Your guest may not want to be engaged in activities with you all day and require their personal space hence adding comfortable furniture is a great way to provide them peace. Try adding arm chair so that they can sit and relax over a cup of coffee or reading their favourite book.
Your guest may not want to be engaged in activities with you all day and require
Adding a soft light can also add charm and class in guest bedroom.

Soft lights

Adding a soft light can also add charm and class in guest bedroom. Some guests are in the habit of reading at night but may not want to have a flashy or a very vibrant light in the night hence a side lamp can do it all for them. Try adding lamps which can be placed on a side table with not very heavy lighting inside.

Luxury Washrooms

After a hectic travel day, your guests may not be looking forward for a dirty washroom hence providing a luxury 5 star washroom feel may elevate their comfort to a greater extent. Try having good fluffy rugs in the bathroom along with good quality bathing and hand linens. Washroom accessories would also do wonders in a great feel.

After a hectic travel day, your guests may not be looking forward

Add accessories

For a soothing effect, it’s always best to add fresh flower in the room. It not only provides a great feel nut also generates positive vibes. Your guest would love to be relaxing in a place created with full of love and care where each item has been selected keeping smallest detail in mind.
Always remember, designing your guest’s space can bring a lot of joy not for your guests but for yourself too. You would love to hear their enriching experience of staying in the room designed by you. It’s a heavenly feeling to be appreciated by someone whose comfort has been taken care at its best.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Setting up Bedding for winters

Most people based on their comfort and style believes in frequent changes, it not only gives them a refreshing feels but also keep them comfortable with the season. Every season has its own advantages and disadvantages and it’s very essential for everyone to know how seasonal bedding can affect their mood and health status in long run.
 Setting up winter bedding can change your mood completely for couple of reasons.
Winters season is full of colours and patterns. You can experiment with more colours in winters than in summers. Setting up winter bedding can change your mood completely for couple of reasons. Firstly there are number of colours which you can choose in winters which are bright and lively. Even if you choose extremely vibrant colours, it cannot go wrong because considering the weather vibrant colours give more warmth in winters.
Secondly , there are more patterns available for winter bedding because you can add quilts, bed spread and bed skirts to complete the bedding hence more options are available to give a new look to your bedding. But before you start adding so many colours to your bedding, it’s important for you to follow some basic steps of setting up a bed for winters.
Try to remove the entire bedding set including quilts, bed spreads, bed skirts, bed sheets

1-      Try to remove the entire bedding set including quilts, bed spreads, bed skirts, bed sheets and mattress. Make sure you pick everything before making a complete change to your bedding.

2-      Cleaning of every bed linen is very important before setting them up again. Get all the linens dry cleaner. Mattresses are tough to get dry cleaned hence you can use vacuum the mattress and fix them up on bed again.

3-      Whenever you are keeping your mattress back on the bed after cleaning make you change sides to keep the balance and support. In case of pillow top mattress, it’s a good idea to rotate it instead of changing the sides.

4-      As soon as you fit the mattresses back to the bed, change the mattress pads with the new ones for extra comfort and cosines for winters. Choose memory foam pads for more heat during the season. It also gives a stylish look to the entire bedding.

5-      After setting up the mattresses, add bed linens like bed sheets, bed spreads and pillows made with flannel as it add more warmth during winter season.  Pick up deep colours to get an authentic feeling of winters.

6-      Add more warmth by adding slightly heavy and feathery duvet covers and quilts as it will generate more heat and makes you ready cosy during the nights. 

Follow above steps for hygienic and comforting winter bedding. Choosing the right colours and patterns can create a new look to the entire bed room. To keep a check on hygiene, it’s important to follow the rigorous cleaning process especially if you have small children at home. Winters are the perfect time when you can fill you bed with your favourite bed sheets, cushions, duvets and other accessories. Unlike summers season you have the liberty to add bright and vibrant colours in your room. Use your money effectively by shopping online at By Adab for marvellous designs for bed sheets, bed covers, quilts and bed spreads.

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