Friday, September 18, 2015

Getting Rid of Bed Bug Epidemic

Changing season and everyone is worried about bed bug epidemic. Starting from neighbour to newspapers and articles everyone seems to be talking about how to get rid of bed bugs. These bugs are always in the chance of sucking your blood and making your daily life miserable. These biting bugs needs a good bashing if you wish to have a comfortable stay in your home. Mostly these bugs migrate to your mattress and then to your body hence finding an effective ways to keep them away is really necessary.
Changing season and everyone is worried about bed bug epidemic.
First and the foremost step which you must take is to cover your mattress so that you can keep these bugs at bay. Try to take preventive measures instead of taking the corrective actions. Though you may have some ideas in minds how to keep your bed away from bed bug epidemic but some of the easy and simple ways to keep your bed clean and bed bug free are mentioned below.

  • Understanding the signs of bed bug epidemic is really important. Generally the first sign you notice is the itchy and red rashes over your skin. If you have heard of bed bug invasion or have already seen it around then you must give a close check to your bed. Mostly these bugs are brown in colour with a flat look. The size of these bugs are as small as an apple seed. The ideal way to look for them is to check the rust like spots on your bed and mattresses. These bugs have the tendency to shed their skin on bed, furniture and walls.
    The second step is to get your entire home a deep cleaning and inspection.
  • The second step is to get your entire home a deep cleaning and inspection. Mostly these bugs live in the corners of your house. They are well identified on walls, floors and corner spaces available in your home. Make sure you wash your bedding frequently along with window frames and corners. Always vacuum the mattresses and cushions which you normally do not wash very often. Keeping your house clean on daily basis may not always protect your house with these bed bugs hence weekly inspection is necessary. It is always good to discover these bed bugs early before infestation.
  •   It is a very good idea to protect your bedding by keeping covers on everything. Starting from mattress to cushions and duvets, every bedding essential should be covered so that bugs do not multiply. Try to choose bed bug resistant covers for a better protection. Make sure your covers are zipped and closed from all the corners. Always protect your pillows by keeping pillow covers on them.
  •  Not only at home but these bed bugs tend to spend if you carry your bedding while travelling. They are manifested in your luggage if you are a frequent traveller. Always keep your dirty clothes in a sealed bag to avoid spreading bed bugs. In case you are in a hotel or travelling make sure you ask for a fresh beddingand blankets. At the least you can make sure that you keep checking your travel bags frequently and in case you are at a doubt of spreading bed bugs then wash your bedding along with your travel bags.
As they say care is better than cure hence it is essential for you to keep a constant check for a healthy and better lifestyle.

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