Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Average life of a bed linen

Seems like a very interesting question as to how long should the bedding be kept? Though there have been a huge debate over this issue but none of the experts have been able to satisfy the customers about their bed linen keeping facts. Some of the customers are aware of the fact but they do not wish to shell out money to invest in Bed linens as they feel a normal bed linen does the same amount of work as a good quality linen. There are various factors involved in the average life of a bed linen. Frequent wash and ironing surely deteriorates the quality of a linen but some of the good quality Egyptian cotton lasts for a long time hence there is no specific test involved in it.
the actual guide of the average life of a bed linen is mentioned below.
Everyone seems to have a different opinion about bed linen basic but the actual guide of the average life of a bed linen is mentioned below. This will surely give you the insight of how long you should keep your bedding with you and when is the right time to get rid of your old bed linens and think of investing in a new one.
As per research, one should keep their bedding over one year else it may lead to health problem like backache and other kind of allergies. The basic information about the time is mentioned below
The average life of pillow is 2 years and the duvets should not be used for more than five years. Most of the people are unaware of this fact and use their duvets for more than 5-6 years.
Most of the people have this mind-set that investing in a bedding is a waste of money hence they buy anything which is available in the market irrespective of their individual requirements. Mostly women are in the habit of replacing their bedding as per the season change because they do not find it a liability investing in a good bed linen.
they feel a normal bed linen does the same amount of work as a good quality linen.
Although duvets and pillows have a mentioned life of about 10 years but ideally should be changed much before that. Regular care and washing can protect these pillows and duvets for a longer time. As per most of the females, changing bedding frequently is not just an idea of investing into something worth but also a good way to lift the mood and entire d├ęcor.
Some of the companies recommends you to wash your bedding frequently for a longer use. Most of the duvets are washed at home which may deteriorate the fabric hence changing them on regular basis without focusing on what is written in the instruction is a good idea. It is also essential for you to understand that you must wash the pillows even early as duvets.
Keep these factors in mind before you plan to change the bedding. Since fine quality cotton bedding is slightly expensive, it’s more important for you to understand the facts before making a purchase. Keep a check on linen care guide and see the performance of the material yourself and make the purchase. It is always best to know what suits your needs.

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