Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Classy Silk

No matter how old silk fabric is, it always looks and feels elegant. It has a natural sheen and always gives you a classy feel. Starting from clothing to linens, silk has always been one top choice of elite class customers. Whether you want an ancient or a modern look in your home, silk can be a perfect solution for both. It has a unique feature of always looking vibrant and bright irrespective of the colours.
It is very easy and convenient to upgrade your bedroom just by putting a silk bed linen on your bed. Being very soft and light, silk sheets can enlighten your bedroom into a comfort zone for sleeping and relaxing. If you are obsessed with silk as a part of your bed linen, then we are here to guide you on how to choose silk bed sheets.
 Silk is made from the protein produced by silkworm
  • Silk is made from the protein produced by silkworm and is very rare to find hence it always comes in a heavy price than any other fabric. It is a very natural material and has the ability to last for ages. Most of the silk clothes and linens usually comes in subtle colours because silk has its own sheen and natural vibrancy hence added colours may overpower the natural brightness of silk fabric.
  • It’s always best to weigh your options before you opt for a silk bedding. Decide how much heavy material and sheet you want on your bed. Most of the times, silk sheets are thinner and very long lasting. Lower momme weight decides the thinness of the silk sheets. Whenever you are buying a silk sheet, always look for momme weight of 13-19.
  • Though there are number of options available in colours and styles, but usually there are only 2 types of silks available in the market known as mulberry silk and wild silk. Mulberry silk is made by feeding special diet to silkworm on mulberry leaves. This special kind of origin of silk helps in producing the finest and softest silk sheets in the world. However wild silk is produced by using lot of silk worms in a normal way and this type of silk is softer but much economical than mulberry silk.  Even if you look for any specific type of silk fabric, make sure it is breathable and comfortable to use. 
  • People often get confused with silk, satin and sateen sheets. Always look for silk by its sheen. Silk is naturally a very bright and durable material however satin and sateen are synthetic and artificial fibres. Mostly silk is bright from back and front but satin and sateen are bright from the front and matt from the back. Sateen is usually combined with cotton material but satin can be made by using variety of fabrics like cotton, silk and polyester. Although every fabric has a quality of its own but if you are looking for a complete luxury and elite class feel, then choosing silk can be a great idea.
Silk always defines class and luxury. It may come with the price but you can vouch for the durability and comfort.
Silk always defines class and luxury. It may come with the price but you can vouch for the durability and comfort.
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