Saturday, September 26, 2015

Key to choose slipcovers for Home Furniture

Slip covers are a great way to hide your furniture from kids as well as an old fashioned cover on your furniture. It could be your sofa, chair or dining chairs. They not only increase the life of the furniture but also give it a trendy and new look. They make your furniture more sturdy and reusable if you are planning to dispose it off. 
Choosing a right slipcover is a good option for your furniture but there are some key points one need to keep in mind while shopping for slip covers.
Choosing a right slipcover is a good option for your furniture but there are some key points one need to keep in mind while shopping for slip covers.
  1. First and foremost point to consider is to see whether the fabric is machine wash or dry clean for some families spending on dry cleaning every time may not be a problem but for those who want to have a slip cover to protect their couch from pets require frequent machine wash.  You must check the product description before buying a slip cover. Be sure of what you are spending on and how durable the fabric will be after frequent wash.
  2. Although there are various kind of fabrics available in the market which may give a thin look with gloss and sheen but they may not be as durable as you want hence going for thick cotton is a great idea. They are not only durable but also look and feel sturdy and long lasting.
  3. You may have a specific colour option in mind but choosing white is always a safe option. White not only is easy to bleach but also looks classy. You can have the option of removing stains by bleaching a white colour slipcover. White also has the quality of not getting faded with time unlike other dark shades.
  4. Although more covers of slipcovers gives a more fitted look but keeping them intact may be a challenge and maintaining while washing is another tough task. Always look for a single piece slip cover to get rid of the hassle of removing it in pieces. Have a right size which can fit into your furniture. If you are looking for a low maintenance cover then do not go for something which has pleats on it. Slipcovers which are simple to look and easy to maintain are more in demand and give a chick look to furniture.
  5.   Try to refrain from a material which is silky and polyester. It may look sleek and gives your furniture a glossier look but they do not fit too well. Polyester is also not durable and uncomfortable to use.
Slip covers are a great way to disguise the stains and marks on your furniture. They are created with an idea of giving your furniture a new life along with slight change in the d├ęcor. Choose a slipcover which goes well with entire interiors and look if your house. Do not use loud colour as it is a daily use item. Keeping it simple and light will enhance the overall look of your house. Cotton as usual will be the best material to use for a longer lifespan and elite look.
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