Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monarch’s favourite thread

There has been a lot of discussion around thread count. The word thread count was originally come from USA to give the clear demarcation between percale and muslin. Thread count is defined as measurement of threads/sq inch. Any fabric with a thread count of more than 200 was known as percale and below 200 was considered as Muslin. Anything apart from percale and muslin did not come in the category of thread count.
There has been a lot of discussion around thread count.
With the origin of European bed sheet around 25 years ago, there was a speculation in America as to why the thread count was not marked on the product. Since there was nothing called thread count which existed in Europe they could not comprehend the term known as thread count. One of the reasons of not using thread count because they never use Inches in Europe. Their criteria were to measure the fabric quality by grams per square centimetres.
Based on the consumer’s demand and growing industry, Europeans also started using Thread count in their sheets which ultimately became an elite class product even more expensive than America’s percale.
As and when European manufacturers realised the meaning of thread count, the war for the best product started within the linen industry. Higher the thread counts better the fabric. The initial 200 thread count was considered as the basic one. Manufacturers started making sheets which were more than 800 thread count and completely an elite product.
Anybody who has the love for textile should be able to tell the thread count basis the touch of the cloth. Actually the thread count is very important for the feel of the sheet. It decides how well the sheet has been weaved and how perfect it is in terms of its quality. Not necessary the higher thread count but there are some sheets which has low thread count are also good in quality and gives you a superb feel.
Thread count not only exists in bed linens but later the high quality bath linens were also measured by the thread count. Most of the Egyptian Cotton sheets
and towels have high thread count. Though they are a bit expensive but once you start using it, you will not be able to switch to any other bed sheet or bath linen.
Most of the elite class hotels and decorators also use high quality thread count linens when it comes to keeping their clients for life time. High thread count linens are not only best in their look but are also there with you for decades. They are very long lasting and don’t fade away with time and frequent washes.
Overall it’s always good to have knowledge about what product are you purchasing as you are investing money in that. For the best result you should touch and feel the product. Run your hands through it and see if it is sheer enough for your choice. Does it give you enough smoothness? Is the product tightly woven? If you are able to understand these basic facts then you are surely investing your money in something which is worth for lifetime.

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