Thursday, September 3, 2015

Latest trends in Kid’s bedding

Choosing kids bedding and designing their room is a very exciting activity for any parent. It is a place where your child gets best of the comfort and has everything which is truly cherishing for him/her. Though there are a number of ideas on how you can design the kid’s bedding but to make it more personal and special, you must go to theme bedding. Such bedding provides colour, fun and excitement for kids. Linen industry has also emerged widely now and you can get any design you want on the basis of your choice and need. Starting from princess prints to cartoon characters, everything is available in the form of bedding and a child actually enjoys that in their personal space as they can related to them.
It is a place where your child gets best of the comfort
If you are specifically looking for a baby boy’s bedding, then there is no crunch of themes and ideas. You can select cartoon characters, general fine and mild prints however if your child is an aspiring sports player and have a deep interest in sports and athletics then there are some fine and enticing theme bedding options to choose from.

  • If your child has an interest towards basketball, then NBA and NCAA teams are popular choices in bed sheets and comforters. There are sheets and beddings specifically designed in keeping the players as a pattern and design. Some kids are too much keen to see the entire league or team as a part of their room, then you can opt for bedding with basketball and hoops.
  • Another very exciting pattern and design is the football design. It’s one of the hottest selling designs in this segment. You can pick up their favourite player or team and have a particular design as a part of their bedding. In case you do not wish to have an entire team or a player’s design and want to go really mild in colours then you can opt the colours matching to your kid’s favourite team.
  • Baseball is another form of design you can have for bedding. You can have bedding in sets with baseball team logos on the sheets and blankets. It doesn’t really matter which design or logo you choose, in any case all the sports themed bedding options will bring a smile to your little champ’s face.
  •   How can we forget to add soccer as a potential option for theme bedding? You can have a combination of bed sheets with grassy greens along with matching or plain black and white furniture in the room. Soccer bedding has always been boy’s favourite in terms of room interiors.
  • Not too many kids are fond of golf themes at least when they are young, but having this is surely a hit design. Most of the companies while designing golf themes do not really portray the actual golf accessories, but have a combination of golf balls with any of the bright colors to be on the safer side.
It’s really endearing to see a smile on your little one’s face with such a theme bedding. They are always a favourite choice and first option when you think of designing a boy’s room. Try these sports theme for a rugged look and classic feel.
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