Saturday, October 3, 2015

Deteriorating lifestyle of workaholics

There is a very thin line between working hard and being a workaholic. Sometimes you do not even realize when you cross that line from being a hard worker to a workaholic unless it starts hampering your health and family. There is no harm in putting extra hours in your office and doing quality work as long as you are able to maintain a balance and pursue your hobbies along with giving enough time to your family. These people are considered hard workers, not workaholics. There is a very clear demarcation between the two.
There is a very thin line between working hard and being a workaholic.

When your office work becomes totally meaning less without any fun involved in it and you go beyond what is actually necessary at your work place with a thought that there is nothing else left in your life then it becomes an addiction and obsession which is commonly known as being workaholic.
Workaholics are usually defined as those people who are investing more than 50 hours a week at work place. These people are more likely to have reduced physical and mental health. Workaholics are usually at a greater risk of having diabetes and heart attacks. Some of the common yet fairly ignored health conditions of workaholics which requires a serious intervention are mentioned below

  • Very initial sign is the stiff movement of their body which appears like a robot leading to severe back problems.
  • Workaholics do not realize the over functioning of left brain and suppressed function of right brain which leads to increased production of adrenalin in their body that results in high cholesterol and thinning of the capillaries.
  • Since these people are very stiff in their body language, it reflects their defensive and negative attitude towards others and their personal life. Mostly these people walk and eat very fast.
  • Most of the workaholic people face depression in some or the other way. They deal with severe fatigue on daily basis which feeds depression and futility along with changing eating/sleeping patterns, lack of concentration and physical enervation
  • Usually workaholics have disturbed breathing patterns which leads to panic attacks and anxiety. Some of the common problems associated with anxiety are disturbed stomach, gastritis and ulcers.
  • Abnormal blood pressure, increased heart rate and dizziness is also a result of their cumulative stress.
  • Though it may sound a little strange but some of the workaholic people have suicidal tendencies too which aggravates when they lose their position at work place. They have a constant fear of failure.
Expectantly, any workaholic who is reading this article should have a better understanding that it is not worth risking your life for job. There are ways to deal with every situation. Professional counselling along with family support can do wonders in getting your life back on track. Look out for ways to deal with personal and professional problems.
Adding comfort in your home with good décor and comfortable bedding can also ease your stress to a greater extent. Try adding ways to feel at ease while you are back home.
Always remembers, your identity at office doesn’t define who you are and what you can achieve. You are priceless for your loved ones. 

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