Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creating a peaceful bedtime regime

Making a steady effort to ease and calm down before going to bed will help you sleep better. A healthy and peaceful sleep sends power signals to your brain and helps in reducing stress.
There are theories and activities related to managing day to day stress but here are couple of ways by which one can reduce stress by putting least effort.

Comfortable Luxury Bedding

Comfort bedding and soft sheets are a good way of reducing stress while sleeping. A good quality sheet will give you enough room stretch and turn. You will require investing in good quality sheets, duvets and mattresses to see which one suit you better. Experimenting new linen will help you decide your taste and comfort

Temperature control

Any room with extreme temperature will surely hamper your sleep hence it is essential to set a balanced temperature and use quality linen for soothing effect.
Our idea of imparting knowledge about lifestyle and importance of Bed and Bath linen not only helps customers in choosing best products

Stay away from gadgets

Too much of technology also increases stress and hamper sleeping patterns. It is advised to minimize the use of gadgets at home. Spend quality time lying in good linens and reading your favourite book. This will not only make you sleep tight but also leads to happy dreams.

Consistent sleep and wake up time

Make sure you sleep and wake up at the same time during weekends too. Most of us try and take more sleep on weekends thinking it will relax our mind and body but changing you sleeping patterns so often disrupts your sleep during the weekdays and makes you tired and lethargic.

Forming a gentle pre sleep routine

Try to avoid stressful activities like working on computer, using of ipad and tabs. The most comforting way of having a good night sleep is taking a shower before bed. Use good quality bathrobes and linens for a luxurious feel. This will surely help in stimulating sleep hormones.

Light Evening Meals

Eating small and regular meals during the day makes you feel light and active. As per doctors, one must have light meals at night if you want to wake up fresh next morning. In case you feel hungry at night, try to have dairy products instead of a 3 course meal.

Regular Exercise

Regular workout help you feel energetic as well as tired enough to go off to sleep at the right time. Try to work out during the day which will help you sleep at the right time. One more reason to exercise regularly is that it creates a consistent sleeping cycle.

At By Adab we have a team of professionals who create Bed and Bath linens by keeping sleeping patterns and health benefits in mind. We have been focussing on health aspects every time because everything you do in your everyday routine directly impacts your health and happiness. We want to open the horizons for good and active living.

Our idea of imparting knowledge about lifestyle and importance of Bed and Bath linen not only helps customers in choosing best products but also educate us about what’s best and required for our customers. 

It’s an era of improvements and innovations. We at By Adab truly believe in consistency and continuous improvements in our products and our approach towards healthy living. Be with us for creating a better future.
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