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Bath Linen care Guide

There is nothing like draping yourself in the best bath linen right after an amazing shower. It’s the time when you are truly relaxed and rejuvenated to start a perfect day. Bath linens are no more a luxury but a necessity. Having a good bath linen can act like a ritual for a relaxed start of your day.  Having a luxury set of bath linen is surely an investment. It requires a good amount of money to possess a quality and luxury bath linen hence it requires a special care too. If you would like to have a prolonged life of your bath linen then you must follow some basic washing and care rules. 

Although a good quality bath linen is less likely to bleed color


Although a good quality bath linen is less likely to bleed color but it is always good to be careful and sort your colored bath linen before taking them for washing. This will not only avoid color bleeding but also ensure the long age of your bath linen. Mostly the towels can be categorized into 3; white, colored and dark. You may separate the white colored totally and bleach them after washing so ensure their sheen and brightness, however the colored and dark should be washed separately.

Washing temperature

Although you always want to wash your linens in hot water but some linens are required to be washed at a set temperature .The idea if warm washing is to kill the germs and bacteria. Some of the high quality linens requires a cold rinse cycle to keep their brightness intact without compromising on fabric.

Detergents and softeners

Always try to pick up detergents which are chemical free and soft on quality linens. Good detergents are made of soft chemicals which do not break down the fabric and its sheen. Always try to add the detergent and softeners before adding the towel in the water to avoid buildup.


One you are done with washing your bath linens, remove them quickly from water to avoid the growth of bacteria and germs. Do not place them in too much sun light else they will shrink and reduce their life along with losing their brightness.
Taking good care of your bath linens is essential because they are frequently used and required to be extra hygienic. Their daily use also makes them a little dull so you must take good washing care of these bath linens. Along with normal bath linen care, it is also extra important to wash your kid’s linen separately because they are extra soft and have special washing instructions. It is also advised to wash baby’s bath linen by your hands because they are very soft in fabric and have gentle colors.
As we always say good linens are always an investment not because of their good look but also because they are meant to give you comfort and health. Do not think twice before buying an extra pair of bath linens because it is worth your money and health. Since you have spent so much money in purchasing luxury bath linen, it’s always good to care of them for prolonged life.
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