Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Percale passion- A true Luxury

We have learned a lot about linen, polyester and other materials, but if you are looking to refurbish your bed with luxurybed linens then Percale is a worth try. It is a kind of broadcloth which is weaved tightly and gives a lot of sheen when ready.


Percale emerged from the Persian word “Pargala” which means a Rag. Initially Percale was exported from India to various countries. The unique method of weaving this fabric was recognized by lot of French textile industries and became very known and luxurious fabric across the globe. Most of the luxury and expensive bed linens these days are made of Percale.

It is a kind of broadcloth which is weaved tightly and gives a lot of sheen when ready. Methodology

This fabric is woven with a series of horizontal and vertical threads together. The idea of weaving this fabric in such way is to give the same even look at both sides. It is known that the more firmly you weave this fabric; it will give the better feel once ready. The minimum thread count which makes a sheet known as percale sheet is 180 threads in similar direction /sq inch. As they say higher thread count leads to better quality.

Although cotton is considered to be one of the most admired fabric while creating percale sheet

Although cotton is considered to be one of the most admired fabric while creating percale sheet as it has a unique breathable quality but because of dense threads it is likely to shrink more than other fabrics. Just to be on the safe side most of the industries use silk and polyester to create percale sheet.

Qualities/Price range

Percale bed linens are available in all the price ranges depending upon what kind of thread count you are using while creating them. Using Egyptian cotton makes these sheets even stronger and durable for a long time. They are mostly created with more than 600 thread count. This weaving is durable and highly elegant. Such sheets are very soft to touch and gets even softer with every wash. These are very generous to body and skin. If you purchase them in light colours, they can give you more luxurious feel and softness.


It’s recommended to wash percale sheet in Luke warm water with a soft and generous detergent as mentioned on the packing. Do not bleach this fibre as it may deteriorate the quality and sheen of the sheet. Wash them separately in machine or by hand. Always dry them in shade and avoid direct exposure to sun. You can iron these sheets for a greater look. Since they may shrink up to 2 percent, it is advised to get them dry cleaned for the first time.
It’s always your individual choice as to what kind of bed linen you want. But trying different variety to choose your best fit is a good idea. There are hundreds of fabrics available but always choose which is more breathable and comfortable for your sleep and health. Though the first purchase may cost you a little extra bucks but it is worth spending on  good quality linen for luxury, style and comfort. Look out for the best bed linens in the market.

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