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Setting up an Anti-Allergen Bed

Changing frequent weather, pollution and global warming are enough reasons to for us to worry about. Although it is impossible to fight against nature but there are some measures we can take to protect ourselves from most common and dangerous infections.
It’s important to keep our surroundings hygienic to avoid infections and the easiest way is to start cleaning and taking care of your bed room first.
Some of the identified ways to keep a check on your bed room hygiene are mentioned below.

Some of the identified ways to keep a check on your bed room hygiene are mentioned below.

Common allergens awareness

Dust mites and tiny bugs are not easy to locate and are mostly invisible to our eyes but causes the major danger when it comes to bedroom allergies. All the bed room linens along with mattresses, pillowsand comforters are the easy way to hide for tiny bugs. You may find it hard to believe but a mattress can be a house for 10 million pests if not cleaned on regular basis. Their food for survival is the dead skin cells our body releases in daily basis. Hence it is vital for you to start taking measures to clean the linens, mattress and pillows on frequent basis.

Eradicate difficult space

Easiest and most common ways to avoid the allergies should start by reducing the number of linens in the bed room and make it more airy. It is also recommended to remove the carpet/rug to reduce the germs that causes allergies. Try using vacuum cleaner for rugs and mattresses.


It is recommended to wash your linens and blankets in water with 140 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure all the germs and dust mites are removed. Anything which cannot be cleaned in hot water can be washed in anti-allergy detergents. Try cleaning your linens at least twice a week specially your bed sheets.

Hypoallergenic Bedding

Bedding with a hypoallergenic material is a necessity for allergy victims. For numerous folks, down alternative bedding is one of the top most choice. Cushions, comforters, bedspreads, and pads filled with down alternate material will provide you enough coziness of down feathers without aggravating allergies.

Allergen Barricade Pore Dimensions:

Anybody who has a dust mite allergy should try the bedding with pores sized at 10 microns or less.
To avoid the allergies related to pet problems, you should opt for pores that are under 6 microns.

Clean Feather Bedding

Frequently cleaned down feathers are likely less dangerous and prone to allergies caused by dust mites and pets. Fabrics which are high in thread count are excellent barrier against most of the allergies because they are perfectly and very tightly woven.
Most of the Polyester-fibre globules are united with memory foam to make pillows and mattress pads which is a synthetic polyester that is anti-microbial and resilient to dust and dust mites.
These are the very crucial points to remember which are very effective in keeping you away from contaminations and allergies.
As they say “care is better than cure” so we are also taking a small step towards the health and safety tips when it comes to your hygiene.
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