Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Determining Washing frequency for Bath and Kitchen towels

Towels which are mostly used in kitchen and bathroom are the major source of dirt and grimes. Most of us are not in the habit of washing our bathroom and kitchen towels on frequent basis, in fact most of us are not even aware of how frequently should we wash them to keep ourselves and family free from dirt and micro-organisms. Is it enough to wash them once in a week?
doctors strictly recommend not to share bath towels amongst family members

To get rid of washing them, most of us prefer throwing them away but that is not the solution every time. Based on the research in America, one out of 6 people gets their stomach sickness through these dirty bath and kitchen towels. Although doctors strictly recommend not to share bath towels amongst family members too but some of the practical solutions to keep your family safe are mentioned below.
In your bathroom, fungus and germs have the tendency to grow faster if your hand towel is wet but these microorganisms have hard time to be alive once the towel is dry hence it is essential to use a dry towel in the bathroom. You need to make sure that you wash these towels before drying them. Dust and skin flakes also tend to remove when you clean your face rigorously.
Actually you must be more concerned about bacteria which can grow rapidly instead of usual dust and dirt in the environment. The best way is to keep a separate towel for each family members to avoid recurrent infections in the family. Using the towels 2-3 times demand a frequent wash.
Another area which you need to focus is the kitchen towels. Most of the germs are multiplied in kitchen towels if you do not wash them daily. There have been a debate in terms of how often you need to wash the kitchen towel unless they are contaminated with fungus etc. The towels which are frequently washed are always the best possible way to stop recurrent infections. In case there is a family members who is extra sensitive towards allergies then washing the towels daily is recommended however if all the family members are healthy and immune towards these allergies then washing them twice a week should also suffice.
To stop growing the microorganisms and dust mites, it is important to wash them in machine with hot water is essential. It will help in sanitizing the towels if not sterilizing them. Though it will be helpful in eliminating the count of grimes and bacteria but not make the count to zero. In case you are extremely particular about washing them frequently then you should use the sterilizer which is recommended by doctors. Usually these sterilizers are used while surgeries.
If you are extremely cautious about the raw meat or any guest who has the skin infections then you must soak your towels into bleach and they are ready to use.
Though there are number of ways you can adopt which are extremely hygienic but these small steps can also make a big difference in maintaining the hygiene in your kitchen and bathroom. 
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