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Interesting facts about Duvet Covers

Having a duvet and not covering it is not a good idea. Duvet covers are necessary for duvets. If you are thinking of new bedding, make sure you use duvets covered with amazing designs. Duvets are one of the most popular options when it comes to designing you bed. You must gain good knowledge before you make any purchase of duvet covers. Although you may have a particular design or style in your mind, but we are here to give you the facts about duvet covers.

Duvet cover use

If you are thinking of duvets more like a blanket kind of pillows, yes they're basically the filling to your bed consoler. Which means they also require covers just like pillows for a complete look. That’s why the need of duvet cover arises while styling your bed. It is essential to find a correct duvet but it is equally important to have a right duvet covers.

Benefits of Duvet covers

Duvets covers are mostly used for styling your bed. You may have 2-3 duvet covers for duvet and keep changing them frequently may add a new look every time which is also cost effective. They are easy in storage and may just take space which is as less as storing a single comforter.  Duvet covers are easy to wash at home and save time and money in comparison to getting it dry-cleaned.
By Adab offers you a huge range of duvet covers in any style, design and color that you may desire for.

By Adab offers you a huge range of duvet covers in any style, design and color that you may desire for.
Our collection of Mrs. Thar, Mrs. Whitica, Mrs. A plus and Mrs. Cherry berry offers you a world class quality of duvet covers which are available in all sizes. Designs and colors. 
Mrs. Thar duvet covers and quilts are made with help of 6" x 6" blocks, printed with perfection so no joints are visible.
Mrs. Whitica has a Virginal purity of white magnified to stratospheric height in this range of exclusive white’s superfine cotton.
Mrs A plus brings colors to life & life to colors. It is made of 100% grade A Egyptian cotton
Mrs. Cherry Berry is a collection of plain dyed duvet covers, quilts in 150 GSM to 350 GSM. Available in various exotic designs and shades from white to black
Just like pillows most of the duvet covers we have are easily washable. Our duvet covers normally come with buttons, and ties for easy exclusion and scrubbing. Before washing your duvet cover please ensure that you check the washing instructions mentioned on the label.
By Adab manufactures Duvet covers which are fit for all sizes of beds available in the market.  Starting from twin beds to king duvets covers and all, you can find luxury duvet covers for any dimensions bed you pursue to outfit.
We not only have wide range of colors and style in duvet covers but also have good and excellent fabrics available. Starting from Egyptian cotton to high quality thread count, all the varieties are available based on your taste and style.

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