Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Effective Uses of an Old bed Linen

Irrespective of the class we belong to, the quality if not wasting has been imbibed within us since childhood. As we start to grow up with time, we are accustoming with some of the basic rules followed at our home, one of them is Optimum utilization of product and resources. Hence there are effective ways to utilize a household product if you are not planning to discard it out of comfort, emotion and utility.
Though there are ample ways on how you can remodel lots of household products available at home which are not really fulfilling its original reason to use but some of the effective ways to use Bed linens are remarkable and worth trying for. At the end of this article you will be able to change your thought about getting rid of your old Bed linen.

Turning your old bed linen into curtain is one of the easiest ways to use the bed sheet.

 Transform them into curtain

Turning your old bed linen into curtain is one of the easiest ways to use the bed sheet. Sew the sheet from the top and bottom to convert it into a curtain. It is always easy to make a sheet into a curtain instead of buying a new one as most of the stitching part is already done for the bed sheet.

Making Pillows

If you are not planning to throw your old bed sheet because of the colour and coordination with your bed, turn the, into accent pillows. It’s very easy to create throw pillows by stitching the sheet from 3 corners. You can then insert the pillow and a new throw pillow is ready to use.

Create a sleep back

Those who are travelling frequently and want a home comfort can convert their old bed sheets into a sleep back. It can be a good alternative than using a hotel bedding which might not comfort you as much as you require. Just fold a flat bed sheet and stitch that from 3 sides leaving one side open to create a sleep back. This can be washed easily even while you are travelling. It’s very easy to carry in your luggage too.

Create Braided Rug

It’s very easy to make a braided rug from your bed linen. You can tear the bed sheet vertically and depending upon the thickness, you can keep 3 vertical stripes, one by one on the top and stitch it from corners. It is up to you to choose the shape. You can also try making a round rug based on your requirement and floor area. Adding cotton accessories may add more colour and beauty to the rug.
There could be more effective ways of creating small things out of an old luxury bed linen but try above ways for an easy and good look. It hardly takes an effort to keep your favourite sheet with you for a long time if you try various ways for multiple uses. Our idea is to share the most innovative ways and methods to use your linens in an effective manner. We understand the value of something which is really close to your heart and you emotional attachment with a particular product hence we offer ways to keep it with your over a long period of time.
Try above ways to change your bed linen into something useful and completely artistic.

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