Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bathrobes for enhancing luxurious feel

Bathrobe is one item which can be used in multiple ways. Whether you are using it for the daily shower regime or casual lounging after a luxury spa, it works really well with all the moods and requirements. Though most of the companies have a designer range of luxury bathrobes, but it is very essential for a person to know the facts about bathrobe fabrics which can result in a complete comfort.
Bathrobe is one item which can be used in multiple ways.
Determining the right fabric for bathrobe is necessary whether you are buying it for personal use or a luxury gift. Though there are numbers of fabrics available in the market, but one must learn to make a right selection by picking up the fabric which is best suited for their body and style.
Have a look at the designs and fabrics and other facts related to bathrobes.
  •  For the basic and first time user of a bathrobe, one must select cotton or terry cotton as they are the most absorbent fabrics. They are mostly used for the purpose of towelling off after a shower. 100% cotton bathrobes are absorbent in nature and keep you dry if you choose to indulge in lounging in warmer months.
  • Another fabric that looks really classy and has a natural sheen is silk. Any bathrobe made of silk will surely give you a classy feel and often used after a luxurious spa session. Silk is difficult to take care of hence getting it dry cleaned is always the best option. Keep your silk bathrobes away from harsh detergents and machine washes.
  • In case you are looking for a plush and luxurious feel, opt for Turkish cotton. It is not only luxurious but super comfortable and has a natural brightness to it. Although most companies go for Egyptian cotton in bathrobes, but Turkish cotton is also favoured by a lot of clients for its light weight material and natural sheen. Most of the times Egyptian cotton will remain wet in a humid climate, but Turkish cotton has the tendency to remain dry in the humid season as well. Turkish cotton will be extremely plush and will not take more time to get dry.
  • Luxurybathrobes are mostly a necessity for the people who have a regular gymAnother factor while choosing the bathrobes is taken as the size. You must opt of the appropriate size for a comfortable feel. Usually they come in 3 sizes. Short, long and mid-calf. It is completely an individual’s choice as to which size they want to have. You may consider your size basis the season and personal choice regarding length. Most of the kid’s bathrobes come in one size and usually made with cotton fabrics.
Luxurybathrobes are mostly a necessity for the people who have a regular gym, spa and swimming regime. Depending upon your requirement and usage you must select a bathrobe which can fulfil the entire requirement as keeping too many at the same time doesn’t make sense. Always keep the choice, colour, fabric and seasonal requirement while choosing a perfect bathrobe for yourself or gifting purpose. Try to opt for cotton if it is in daily use as silk is more of a style but has less comfort than cotton.

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